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Unique Tattoos with Meaning

Unique Tattoos with Meaning

Which is the best tattoo design today? Is there a meaningful tattoo that can perfectly match your thoughts and beliefs? Here is a list of unique tattoos that will help you choose the best one.
Madhura Pandit
Tattoo making is one of the best forms of art today and an excellent medium of self-expression. Although there are several tattoo fans out there, most of them have only one or two tattoos made on their body. Therefore, the tattoo need to be unique and meaningful. You may not be aware but every single tattoo has a deep meaning associated with it. You just need to find the one that suits your personality and matches your thoughts.
Unique Tattoo Ideas and their Meanings
Zodiac tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs today. Those believing in astrology proudly flaunt zodiac tattoos. This is because, it is only the star sign or zodiac sign of the person that remains constant and permanent till the end in a person's life. If you too believe in astrology and are looking for a tattoo design with meaning, then you can go for zodiac signs. Take a look at the following table to know what is your star sign and therefore, which zodiac sign design you should go for.
Zodiac Tattoo Design Who Should Wear
Aries tattoo 20 March - 20 April
Taurus tattoo 20 April - 21 May
Gemini Tattoo 21 May - 21 June
Cancer tattoo 21 June - 23 July
Leo tattoo 23 July - 23 August
Virgo tattoo 23 August - 23 September
Libra tattoo 23 September - 23 October
Scorpio tattoo 23 October - 22 November
Sagittarius tattoo 22 November - 22 December
Capricorn tattoo 22 December - 20 January
Aquarius tattoo 20 January - 19 February
Pisces tattoo 19 February - 20 March

Although butterfly and flower tattoos have become too common, they are still very popular because of the qualities they represent. However, if you are looking for unique tattoos with history, you can go for Celtic, Aztec or even Chinese and Japanese tattoos. Several designs and symbols belonging to these cultures are used as tattoo designs today. These tattoos are not only meaningful but are also unique and appealing to the eye. If you are looking for creative tattoos with meaning, then take a look at the following table.
Tattoo Design Tattoo Meaning
Angel tattoo Defenders of humanity, protection
Aztec sun tattoo Belief in Afterlife, reincarnation
Bar code tattoo Regain unique identity, individuality
Bird tattoo Freedom, peace
Blue rose tattoo Support, faith, fantasy
Black rose tattoo Protest
Butterfly tattoo Metamorphosis, beauty, freedom
Cross tattoo Spirituality
Christian cross tattoo Follower of Christian faith
Cherry tattoo Love, romance, fertility
Cherry blossom tattoo Impermanence of life, beauty
Chinese dragon tattoo Power, mystery, intelligence, good will
Claddagh tattoo Love, friendship, devotion, loyalty
Calla lily tattoo Beauty, grace, pride
Clover tattoo Symmetry, good luck
Dagger tattoos Betrayal, destruction
Eagle tattoo Courage, freedom, strength
Egyptian eye tattoo Good luck, good will, optimism
Eye of Horus tattoo Protection from evil
Flower tattoo Beauty, love, purity, innocence
Flaming heart tattoo Passion, undying spirit
Four leaf clover tattoo Love, luck, hope, faith
Heart tattoos Love, romance, passion, loyalty, devotion
Horse tattoo Strength, valor, vigor, grace
Irish claddagh tattoo Respect for one another, love
Jesus cross tattoo Follower of Christian faith
Japanese flower tattoo Beauty, prosperity, good luck
Japanese dragon tattoo Aggression, power, benevolence
Koi fish tattoo Ability to overcome difficulty, courage
Lily tattoo Purity, chastity
Lion tattoo Power, authority, confidence, prestige
Lion of Judah tattoo Kinglike, kingly, power, courage
Love tattoo Love
Lotus tattoo Beauty, grace
Mayan jaguar Strength, supremacy, mastery
Moon tattoo Motherhood, emotionality
Nautical star tattoo Good luck, guidance
Octopus tattoo Flexibility, adaptability
Orchid tattoo Beauty, prosperity
Phoenix tattoo Rebirth, immortality, new life
Pirate ship tattoo Free spirit, metaphor of life
Praying hands tattoo Religious belief, spirituality
Rose tattoo Beauty, love, passion
Rose vine tattoo Love, joy
Sparrow tattoo Wisdom, free spirit
Starfish tattoo Love for marine life, deep love
Seahorse tattoo Good luck, grace, creativity
Scorpion tattoo Strength, revenge
Skull tattoo Adventure, thrill, death
Sea turtle tattoo Wisdom, solitude
Snake tattoo Rebirth, darkness, treachery
Star tattoo Permanence, optimism
Sun tattoo Vigor, knowledge, fertility
Sun and moon tattoo Opposites attract, love, marriage
Swallow tattoo Freedom, loyalty
Tiger tattoo Strength, revenge, power
Turtle tattoo Perseverance, spirituality
Unicorn tattoo Mystery, fidelity
Wolf tattoo Mystery, charm, fierceness
Water lily tattoo Spirituality, good luck
Yin and yang tattoo Balance of life, opposites

So, if you have chosen a design, what are you waiting for? Look for a certified tattoo artist and have your favorite tattoo made. Good luck!
Wild horse mascot tattoo
Mustang black tattoo
Three Lion Tattoo
Stallion head icon tattoo
Tiger jump tattoo
Colored tiger head tattoo
Tiger fire tattoo design
Tribal horse tattoo
Blue horse tattoo design
Cross red tattoos
Cross tattoo on male chest
Christian cross tattoo
Japanese Oriental Dragon
The Green Dragon
Dragon head tattoo
Woman holding flowers
Flower arts template
Flower tattoo designing
Flower template tattoo
Illustration of tattoo flower
Flower Design Portrait
Zodiac tribal tattoo design
Tattoo flash design elements
Vine frame tattoos design
Fish tattoo design
Cancer tribal zodiac tattoo
Scorpio tattoo
Virgo Tattoo
Wolf head tattoos
Vector illustration of wolf head
Silhouette of wolf head
Taurus tattoo
Libra Tattoo
Lion Head Tattoos
Vector crab drawing
Image of bull head tattoo
Lion head pattern tattoo
Aquarius tattoo
Aquarius Tattoo Design
Scorpio zodiac tattoo
Wolf tattoo design
Wolf howling tattoo design
Beautiful wolf head design
Taurus tattoo design
Leo zodiac astrology sign
Gemini zodiac astrology sign
Animal lion tattoo
Lion head silhouette
Lion head silhouette image
Aries head icon tattoo
Gray and white crab
Aries skull tattoo
Zodiac sign gemini
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Black silhouette of pisces
Scorpio zodiac tattoo
Leo zodiac tattoo design
Pisces design tattoo
Animal skull tattoo design
Angry Bull Tattoo
Roaring lion tattoo
Aries Design Mascot
Goat tattoo drawing
Normal and colored design
Image of red bull head
Crab Vector Image
Floral Pattern Tattoos
Sea Turtle Tattoo
Two connected celtic heart
Turtles in flower shape
Astrology sign tattoo design
Tiger moving tattoo design
Red horse head
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