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Check Out These Blue Rose Tattoos That are Sure to Captivate You

Blue Rose Tattoos
Even though blue roses do not exist, that hasn't stopped people from getting it inked as a tattoo. If you wish to get a blue rose tattoo, then the following article can be of some help as it provides information on designs and meanings...
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Even though rose holds a feminine significance today, many men along with women choose the beautiful and slender rose as their tattoos. Rose tattoos have been around for decades and have evolved through time. To choose a blue rose as a tattoo's central theme can have several purposes. Of course, the true meaning of any tattoo lies in the hearts of those getting them in the first place. So if you have decided to get a blue rose tattooed on your body, then read the rest of the article carefully for helpful suggestions.
Designs to Choose From
Rose Tattoo 1
Rose Tattoo 3
Rose Tattoo 4
Rose Tattoo 5
Rose Tattoo 6
Rose Tattoo 7
Rose Tattoo 8
Rose Tattoo 9
Rose Tattoo 10
Vintage rose tattoo
You can choose a single rose bud, an open bloom, a design with or without the thorns, or even ink someone's name along with the tattoo. Apart from the designs provided above, you can consult with an experienced tattoo artist to help you with your design.
The Meaning of Blue Rose
According to the ancient Greeks, the first rose is said to be created by Chloris, the Goddess of flowers. The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, gave rose its red color as she bled on the blooms after being poked by a thorn, and Dionysus, the God of Wine, gave the intoxicating fragrance to the flower. Due to this, the rose symbolizes beauty, love, intoxication, and death. The thorns of the flower add a hint of sorrow and danger to the flower. Hence, it is seen as a perfect symbol for human condition.
Blue Rose: Hope for a miracle
The meaning of the blue rose tattoo is fascination, fantasy, unattainable, and impossibility. This can be due to the fact that blue roses do not exist in nature at all. The so-called blue roses are actually either lavender roses or white roses which are then dyed with blue color. To some, this tattoo represents a hope for a miracle and that new possibilities are yet to come.
A rose is a representation of both inner and outer beauty. If thorns are present on the tattoo, it simply means that the person does not place a lot of emphasis on the outer beauty and is only concerned about the inner beauty of the person. Also, the thorns on the tattoo can mean, you can look, but cannot touch the object of beauty.
Everlasting love is the other meaning attached to the rose tattoo. Roses among thorns can also be a reminder that love comes in a package, as you will have to make certain sacrifices for your love. This caution is often used when the person is falling in love. It can also mean that love does not come without risks and the ecstasy attached to love will only come by enduring certain amount of pain and agony.
Important Tips to Follow

It goes without saying that proper research is required before you get the tattoo made. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body that should only be done with utmost care and responsibility. But that's not all. There are a few more guidelines which should be followed before, while, and after getting a tattoo.
Guidelines to follow before getting tattooed:
  • Choose an experienced and trusted tattoo artist.

  • Go through as many design options as possible.

  • Ask your tattoo artist to help you find or sketch a design.

  • Decide the size of and location for the tattoo.

  • Make sure that the cost is well in your budget.

  • If under 18, obtain consent from parent(s)/guardian.
Guidelines to follow during getting a tattoo:
  • Ask a friend/family member to accompany you for moral support.

  • Be sure that the tattoo parlor is hygienic and the tools used are sanitized.

  • Stay calm and breathe normally. Don't hold your breath while the tattoo is being done.
Guidelines to follow after getting tattooed:
  • Don't touch or scratch the tattoo once completed.

  • Clean the tattoo as instructed by the artist.

  • Follow each and every aftercare tips provided religiously.

  • Keep the tattoo away from direct sunlight and chlorine water.

Getting a tattoo may seem exciting and being rebellious. However, it's something else entirely. A tattoo is a commitment that you make to yourself. It holds the deepest, most personal feelings of an individual with which he/she expresses them to the world.