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The Real Meaning of a Shark Tattoo and Some Cool Design Ideas

Shark Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Sharks being one of the most fearsome creatures of the sea, symbolizes fearlessness and confidence among other traits and characteristics that it possesses. Getting a shark tattoo inked on your body could indicate the presence of similar characteristics. So, what does a shark tattoo or design mean? ThoughtfulTattoos has listed some interpretations of shark tattoos.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Shark Tattoo Meaning
  • Survivor
  • Graceful
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Assertive
For most of us, the sight of a shark would make our blood run cold, then why is it that someone would even want to get one inked? The reason one gets a shark tattoo may be deep (apart from the fact that they make some rad ink). The Maoris of New Zealand termed the shark as the "King of the Waters" because, it doesn't just survive in water but thrives in it. The wearer of a shark tattoo usually embodies this trait of the shark. A person with a shark persona not only adapts well to a difficult situation, but is capable of making the most of it.

A shark may also represent of the 'never say die' spirit of human nature. No matter what turmoil we may face, the heart always finds a way to heal itself; just like the shark's body.

The shark seems like a steely emotionless being, surrounded by the clear blue water that reflect the slightest movement in it. This might signify the attribute of those individuals who do not let their emotions take over and are capable of maintaining their cool no matter. It means to be the master of one's emotions.
Awesome Shark Tattoos
Some Shark Tattoos
Sharks seem to be in constant motion. This may signify a 'keep moving forward' or a 'living life to the fullest' attitude to the wearer. Here are some tattoo ideas to get you going.
We loovvee (especially the bad-ass tiger shark!) the colors and the designs on these. You can use these as reference and ask your artist to create something really cool.
If you're looking for a tattoo with a ripped effect then how about this bad guy?
realistic shark
We love the projecting effect of this realistic shark.
How about these tattoos? We're sure, you're gonna love them.
In this tattoo, you can add some text inside the circle and may be give a bluish tinge to the waves.
If you're looking for something different than the usual, then how about this tattoo?
Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Design
The Polynesians revere the hammerhead shark as a guardian. They believe that hammerhead sharks protect sailors and swimmers from the man-eater sharks. Sailors usually get a shark tattoo as a talisman to protect themselves from dangers when they're sea-bound. Here is a design we have absolutely fallen in love with! You can add some text on the scroll that you may hold dear.
Shark Tooth Tattoo
A shark tooth is a symbol of power. It may also signify a great survival instinct. Not many individuals are capable of surviving a shark attack and very few people are capable of capturing one! Thus, the shark tooth is a symbol of great power. Gifting someone with a shark tooth was considered as a great honor. Here are some shark tooth tattoos you'd love to flaunt.
If you're brave enough you can sport this realistic shark tooth tattoo, you can add some element of color to it if you want to give it a more realistic look. We love the placement of the tattoo near the neck, kinda looks like a bad-ass necklace. The shark tooth would look good on the wrist or on the ankle too.
Most Polynesian tattoos are seen to have shark tooth designs included in them. Here are some designs that you could use as reference. These design would look really good around the wrist as a bracelet or wrapped around you ankle as an anklet. You can also ink one like an armband. You can choose to add colors or keep it the classic way in black and gray.
Shark Fin Tattoo
To the Celtics, the dorsal fin of the shark looked like a scythe; therefore, a shark represents a gathering resources when an opportunity is available. It may also represent the transition of a person from one phase to the other.
Tribal Shark Tattoos
If you're into tribal tattoos and designs, here are some options that you can consider. You can choose to either get it in the traditional style or make it your very own by adding some elements or colors to it.
Abstract Shark Designs
If you're looking for some artsy non-conventional options, this might be something you could build upon. These designs would look really cool wrapped around the neck or on the lower abdomen.
Shark Jaw Tattoo
If you're looking for a shark jaw tattoo, these are some really smart options you can sport. This one is a tribal tattoo inspired variant of the shark jaw. We love the intricate work on this one, and we feel, it'll make some really amazing ink. You can personalize this tattoo by adding some text of your choice or may be some other elements.
Polynesian shark tattoo design
Here is a Polynesian tattoo depicting the jaws of the shark. You can may replace the colors to give it your personal touch or may be add few elements around it.
These are just a few ideas and design suggestions; use them as a reference and discuss your ideas and concepts with the tattoo artist. He will also be able to add a few more elements to your tattoo to make it personal for you.
Tribal Shark Design Tattoo
Tribal Shark Tattoo Design
Tribal Shark Design
Tribal Turtle and Shark Tattoos