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Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning and Really Creative Design Ideas

Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Thinking of inking a lightning tattoo and can't really decide what to go with? Let ThoughtfulTattoos show you the kind of things that this symbol is capable of doing. Follow suit, people.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
They're So Star... Err Lightning Struck!
The lightning bolt is a popular choice for tattoos in the Tinseltown of Hollywood. Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams, Linda Perry, and Lynn Gunn, are some of the celebs who wear this symbol proud.
Lightning evokes a sense of awe, of sheer power, and of undiluted reverence. Was that why you decided to get a lightning strike tattoo? Or maybe, your reasons behind etching this particular tattoo are completely different―does a certain bespectacled, lightning-bearer Mr. Harry Potter ring a bell? We thought so.
Whatever the incentive behind inking that ever-so-powerful lightning tattoo is, are you ready to be floored by the sheer variety and choice that are to greet you in this ThoughtfulTattoos article? That's right. We have so many lightning tattoo design ideas, so many colors, so many different patterns that progress from the seemingly simple to the really, really intricate, it will make you want to get them all, all, we say.
The Simple and Minimalistic Affair
Simple lightning bolt tattoo on wrist
That's the way, (aha aha) I like it. If that is, in fact, the way (aha aha) you like it, then opt for a sweet and simple design like the girl in this image above is sporting. Minimalistic and muss-free, no clutter, no intricately-complicated design―just you and that simple lightning bolt.
Some Like it Intricate
Intricate lightning bolt tattoo on arm
And from the really simple, to the really intricate. Isn't this just a piece of art, though? Just look at that tattoo design being all awesome. For those of you who want to really explore this design and show the world how truly awe-inspiring a lightning bolt can get, this, this is the one you should opt for.
From the World of Harry Potter
Harry Potter lightning bolt tattoo on ankle
Harry Potter elements for lightning bolt tattoo designs
Come on, like you're saying there's not even a little part of you that didn't want to get a lightning bolt tattoo the second Harry Potter came out? We knew it. If the series has at all been able to take you back to the magical world and driven home the point that it is possible to defeat all your demons, we say it is a good enough reason to get an etching that rings that message home, every time.
Did Someone Mention Colors and Patterns?
White lightning bolt tattoo below collarbone
Colored lightning bolt tattoo designs
Lightning bolt tattoo on arm
Kinds of lightning bolt tattoo designs
Speaking of colors and patterns, have you seen the many, many designs that a lightning bolt shelters under it? Take a look at the images above and you'll know why that is. There's the intricate, there's the simple, there's the superfluous, you name it, and it's there. Then of course there are as many colors. Anything and everything that you want. Period.
Of Fusions and More
Fusion designs for lightning bolt tattoos
Cloud and hand lightning bolt tattoo designs
Animated lightning bolt tattoo designs
Ladies and gentlemen, let's usher in the amalgamation of designs, shall we? Aren't all these just a sight to behold? And have you checked just how much more awesome we have made these by fusing together two elements? The result is, of course, breathtaking. Though we must say that the cloud and lightning tattoo designs are some of the most sought-after designs; yet, these other designs are not far behind.
Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning
A lightning tattoo is all about power, raw energy, and a force that is the epitome of strength. Varied cultures revere it as a force that is born of divine intervention itself. The themes associated with it run from clarity, honesty, morality, and truth to fertility, creativity, inspiration, destruction, and enlightenment. But one that strikes the most (see what we did there?) is, and will always be―power.
With so, so many designs and ideas just waiting to be explored, the time is now. Go find yourself the perfect design from among the many featured here, and then let the tattoo do the talking.