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All-Seeing Eye Tattoo Meanings and 7 Spectacular Designs

All-Seeing Eye Tattoo Meanings and 7 Designs
The all-seeing eye is an esoteric symbol of much speculation for centuries, and like everything else, we have always been curious about how the stories behind this symbol have evolved and diluted over time. The eye is symbolic in numerous cultures with varied interpretations. No matter what design you chose for your tattoo, it should mean something to you.
Yohan Adrianwalla
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
dollar bill
Also known as the Eye of Providence, the all-seeing eye is most commonly recognized from the back of 'The Great Seal' on a one-dollar bill. Among other rumors, it is believed that the unfinished pyramid with 13 steps, the eye within the capstone, and the two mottoes on the seal are actually elements concealed by the Freemasons. There have been arguments both for and against this; however, no concrete proof has been presented for either.
heart owl
Some believe the all-seeing Eye means awakening and protection, while some believe it has a more sinister meaning. It has been speculated that the triangle signifies the Holy Trium, i.e., the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When the eye is shown inside an inverted triangle, speculation is that it signifies the Antichrist. The owl can mean wisdom or darkness. However, the eye can mean something totally different to you, and can be used in a customized tattoo.
The image of a compass and rule surrounding the letter 'G' is said to be a Masonic depiction of the Eye of Providence. This is a great base design for anyone who wants something scientific as a tattoo. The letter can, of course, be changed and is often replaced with the All-seeing Eye itself.
Whenever anyone talks about the secret society of the Illuminati, the first image that comes to mind is the All-seeing Eye within a triangle of light. Some say that this was meant to depict the awakening of humankind, or the ability of the Illuminati to show humankind the truth of what we believe as faith, in terms of science. Nothing says Illuminati, like a tattoo of the Eye.
eye of Horus
The closest we have ever come to the origin of the All-seeing Eye is the use of it by the Egyptians. To them, however, it was the Eye of Horus. With an intriguing tale accompanying it. The eye to them represented the benevolent and omnipresent one, always watching out for them, and was used as a symbol of protection. It is also known as the Eye of Ra. Similarities have also been found in the design of the eye and the shape of parts of our brain that handle consciousness.
Buddhist eye
A design which depicts two eyes and a mark between them to show the third eye. The Buddha, at times, was referred to as the 'Eye of the World'. This symbol normally symbolizes wisdom and compassion.
In the Middle East, the eye is depicted in the palm of the right hand. This symbol is meant as protection from the evil eye or those who mean harm to the wearer. Other versions of the symbol that have been discovered are 'The Hand of Fatima' in Islam, 'The Hand of Miriam' in Judaism, and with the word 'Ahimsa' (Non-violence) instead of the eye in Jainism.
In Greece and Turkey, they have a symbol called 'Nazar', which is similar to the eye. This is also a protective amulet. Its simple design allows for a lot of representations even though, at the moment, its popularity is in other forms.