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Orchid Tattoos

Renuka Sathaye Jan 22, 2019
Any flower tattoo can surely give wings to your creativity. An orchid tattoo is one of those body arts that stand for beauty and sensuality in both men and women. Read on to know more about its meaning and designs.
Orchid tattoos are very popular with the younger generation these days. These designs stand for femininity and are often inked on arms or feet. Orchid is an exotic flower that symbolizes innocence, beauty, and wealth.
According to ancient Greeks, these flowers symbolized strength and virility. These designs have an elegant appearance that symbolize innocence in women. On the other hand, they stand for holiness and strength in men.


Different types of orchids have different meanings. The word orchid comes from orchis in Greek, which literally means testicles. They are named thus because the tuberoids in these plants that grow on roots resemble testicles.
Some of the varieties have an upright stem in the center that is similar to the phallus. These are just some of the reasons why these flowers are associated with manliness.
In China, orchids are associated with the Perfect Man, while as per the Greeks, this flower is referred to as the Flower of Magnificence that symbolizes charm and fragrance. It is also a symbol of luxury in Confucian teachings.


There are different types of orchids that can be chosen as tattoo designs for your body. Designs of Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Vanilla, Moth orchid, and a lot more can be inked on different parts of your body.
Let your artist choose the color and size for you. Else, use your imagination by drawing portraits of designs you wish to adorn. You can also look into albums available with the tattoo artist. Red, pink, magenta, blue, and yellow are some of the commonly used colors in orchid designs.
It is common for ink lovers to get these inked on different parts of their body, such as, foot, arm, shoulder, back, or belly. Cattleyas is one of the popular varieties of orchids that is used as a body art design symbolizing passion.
Women prefer having these tattoos on feet because these delicate flowers can be inked beautifully there. They are a popular choice when it comes to foot body art designs, and these are mostly inked in bright colors. A pink orchid with floral design looks good on fair skin, while people with a tanned skin tone should go for different shades of red or brown.
A solid black orchid design bordering the feet looks quite attractive. It also looks attractive on the side arm. It is mostly worn in the colors yellow, pink, and blue. A blue orchid on the side arm represents eternity and feminism, while a moth orchid also looks beautiful.
As mentioned here, orchids are a symbol of beauty, charm, and innocence. The elegance of this body art expresses feminism in almost all its designs. Floral designs with red, green, and blue combinations are quite popular among girls. Floral designs in pink and white shades are believed to give a sexy look, making them a popular design among girls.
Men get orchids inked on their bodies as a symbol of strength and masculinity. Young men prefer their side arm inked in a combination of black and red, symbolizing spirituality and energy. A black orchid inked on the shoulder looks striking and is very masculine.
They are one of the most elegant tattoos which are a craze among the youth today. They give you a cool look and add that hip factor to your persona. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get an orchid tattoo done right now!