Heart Tattoos for Men

A heart symbol stands for love and all that is positive, hence, is a popular tattoo design. There are myriad options of heart tattoos for men to choose from. Here are some of the most meaningful ones.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
The heart is probably one of the most symbolic designs known to the man. It is also commonly used as a tattoo design by both, men and women for its meaning. A picture of a heart always means love, beloved or a relationship. Apart from these common meanings, there are several others meanings related to the heart.
People usually go for heart tattoos for expressing their love for their beloved. Hence, more often than not, this tattoo is made by a person who is in a relationship or is very much committed to his partner. You may also have noticed that the heart has a sacred meaning as Lord Jesus is also pictured with his heart on the outer side. Therefore, some people also have this tattoo made for its sacred meaning. Nowadays, a heart tattoo can be made in different colors mixed and matched together.
Tattoo Design Ideas
Red Heart
Red heart arrow quote tattoo
It needs no description and explanation. A red heart says it all. Why not personalize it with the name of your beloved? If it is a larger tattoo, you can even have a simple quote like 'I love you' or 'forever together', etc. Having a heart design with names is a great option to demonstrate your love and care for the special person in your life. A red heart tattoo with an arrow also stands for love.
Intertwined Heart
Intertwined heart names tattoo
Intertwined or locked heart tattoos represent commitment and togetherness. You can also have your and your beloved's name inscribed in two hearts. A heart that is fastened or sealed with a lock shows that you are into a relationship. The intertwined heart tattoo symbolizes passion, adoration, warmth, affection, and fondness.
Bleeding/Broken Heart
Red broken heart tattoo
Now this has the exact opposite meaning of the red heart tattoo. A bleeding heart represents lost love, broken relationship, etc. It also stands for rejection, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness, and ruefulness. If you are thinking of a permanent tattoo, a bleeding or broken heart tattoo is not considered a suitable one!
Heart With Dagger Tattoo
Red heart dagger tattoo
This is the only symbol that has a dual meaning. It can either stand for fearlessness and courage or for lost love and rejection. Therefore, it depends on the person and what he wishes to represent. Heart tattoos with daggers also represent the inner or outer conflict in a person's life.
Human Heart
Human heart
Nowadays a tattoo depicting the actual human heart is very popular. It can either stand for love and all the other meanings mentioned above, or as a representation of heart related diseases. It may seem extraordinary, but an anatomical heart tattoo is made by people to show that they suffer from heart diseases or have recently recovered from heart diseases!
Apart from these, you can even try the Celtic tattoo designs or the tribal tattoos as they are unique. Before having a tattoo made, you should know exactly what you want, as tattoo making and tattoo removal, both are quite painful processes. It is better to rely only on a professional and certified artist who will understand what you exactly want and help accordingly. Remember that heart tattoos are always in style and in vogue!