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Egyptian Eye Tattoo

Egyptian Eye Tattoo
The Egyptian eye or eye of the Horus tattoo is popular because of its uniqueness. Presented below is information on the meaning, significance and design options for this ancient design.
Madhura Pandit
There are references of ancient Egyptians sporting tattoo like designs or symbols on their bodies. Evidences of women having tattoos symbolizing dots and dashes on their bodies, in blue or black color, have also been found. This shows that tattoo making is quite an ancient art and people belonging to ancient Egypt had made remarkable progress in the fields of art. If you are also mesmerized by the ancient Egyptian culture and art, you can choose from any one of the symbols belonging to this culture as a tattoo design. Although most of the symbols found in the ancient Egyptian culture are complicated, the Egyptian eye is an exception. This is a popular symbol for making tattoos.
Egyptian Eye Symbolism
One of the most common meaning of the eye is that it is considered as the Eye of the Ra, i.e. that of the Sun God Ra. It is believed that the sun God Ra watches every movement of all the individuals on the Earth. Therefore, every individual is expected to have a moral conduct. Secondly, the Egyptian eye is a symbol of good luck. This tattoo guides them and brings good fortune to the wearers. It is also known as the eye of the Horus, the God of good forces and light. The eye of the Horus was a common amulet used in the ancient Egyptian culture. Hence, the tattoo is associated with good will and positive energy. As there are several symbolism associated with this tattoo, it is considered as one of the most popular and sought after tattoos in the world.
If you have decided to have an eye tattoo made, there are different designs and patterns to choose from. One of the common one is the simple eye with an arrow pointing downwards. This is the simplest and the most basic eye tattoo design belonging to the Egyptian culture. The Egyptian eye or 'ankh' tattoo seems similar to the eye of the hawk. It is usually made in bright colors like red, blue, green, orange or yellow. However, you can even make it using sheer black or navy blue color, in the tribal style. Apart from the colorful ones, you can consider going for the tribal tattoos as they look equally attractive and are very popular today.
On the other hand, there are several versions of the eye tattoos in the Egyptian culture that can be used for making tattoos. Two eyes of the Horus, on either side, is also quite a beautiful design. Similarly, the Egyptian eye with the scarab, wings, flames, etc. can also be made. The scarab is considered as a divine beetle in the Egyptian culture and hence, an eye with the scarab makes an ultimate tattoo design. When thinking of the placement of the tattoo, note that this tattoo can be made on wrist, upper arm, shoulder, back of the neck, etc. It is recommended to have this tattoo design made in smaller size rather than a large one!
An Egyptian eye tattoo has a mixture of mystery, rich ancient tradition as well as art constituted in it. Therefore, it is one of the best tattoo designs for those who love ancient art forms. As a concluding note, it can be said that if you have decided to sport a tattoo, it is advisable to get it done from a certified professional tattoo artist. Good luck!
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