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Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos
Nautical star tattoos are well-known for their deep symbolism and controversial meanings. The article provides a brief information on their history as well as many different designs.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Tattooing is quite interesting, and it has been an integral part of many cultures around the world. It is a body art, where humans get permanent designs made on their body with the help of sharp instruments. The technique has undergone a number of changes since its origin. Previously, it was quite a painful procedure, while these days modern equipment have helped to reduce the pain caused. Every symbol has a unique feature of its own. Nautical star tattoos are among the oldest that have been practiced since many centuries and are symbols of strength and protection.
  • They were basically invented by sailors. Before the advancement of tools and equipment that could help in sea navigation, sailors used to rely on landmarks that are present in nature.
  • Navigation in the night was quite challenging and difficult as compared to that in the day.
  • The North star is a star that points in the north direction and does not change its position for longer periods of time. Thus, these sailors could rely on it for their sea navigation, and they named it as the Nautical star.
  • They started carving it in a tattoo form and considered the mark as a lucky charm that could ensure their safe trip home.
  • The meaning, however, started evolving with time.
  • It was later believed as a symbol of homosexuality.
  • For these people, a wrist tattoo was easy to hide with accessories and outfits.
  • They are also quite popular among punk rock singers.
  • It is a five-armed star with each of its arms divided into two symmetrical parts by a straight line.
  • They are simple, symmetrical, and small in size.
  • They can be easily combined with other designs.
  • There are very less variations with this particular style, but there are various elements that can be added to it to enhance its bold feature.
  • A wreath design below or around it, or attaching wings to its sides are some of the popular designs.
  • Even a small design inside a larger one is good idea.
  • The colors used are usually dark shades, filled in an alternate manner. Black, red, blue, etc., are some of the popular colors used.
  • One can go for a single large design or a group arranged in an artistic manner.
  • Since the size is very small, you cannot go wrong while deciding the placement.
  • For men, chest, arms, and the rib cage are some of the good places.
  • For women, hips, wrists, foot, arms, and lower back make some good options.
  • They look great on any part of the body, and hence, you may not have to think much while deciding where to get it inscribed.
  • You can even go for a symmetric placement, like one design on each of your arms.
  • When you choose a larger design, see that you choose the place carefully.
So, if you are fantasized by the history and features of the nautical star tattoo, then make a good search of the possible designs and get one on your body. Good luck!