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Irresistible Wolf Tattoo Designs That Highlight Power and Loyalty

Wolf Tattoo Designs
A wolf tattoo design has both, positive as well as negative meanings. It symbolizes fierceness, power, loyalty, dark forces, etc., and can be interpreted in different ways. Here are some interesting designs that will inspire you.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Skylar Grey has a tattoo of a wolf on her right forearm. Alongside are the words inscribed 'The Journey is the Reward.'
A wolf is often portrayed as an evil and ferocious creature in folklore and fairy tales. Due to its darker meanings, it is one of the most misunderstood tattoo designs. However, you may not be aware but a wolf tattoo has deeper symbolic meanings in many different cultures.
Wolf Tattoo Meaning
Aggression, power, strength, survival, protection, and energy are the most significant meanings related to wolf tattoos. As mentioned above, wolves are often portrayed as menacing and evil, and hence, these tattoos are sported by those who are fascinated by fierceness of the wolf. Wolves are also associated with cruelty and craftiness. These unique characters of the wolf makes it more captivating and bewitching.

However, there are several positive meanings associated with the wolf. The wolf plays an important role in the lives of North American tribes. In their culture, a wolf symbolizes intelligence and guidance. As wolves live in a pack, they represent unity and loyalty. According to the Roman mythology, it was a mother wolf that is believed to have nurtured Remus and Romulus, the twin founders of the ancient city of Rome. Hence, they consider wolf as a warm and gentle, yet protective figure. On the other hand, in astrology, the picture of the wolf is represented by the constellation Sirius. Qualities like fearlessness, courage, and power are also attributed to the wolf.
Design Ideas
A pack of wolves, or a wolf near the moon, or howling wolf are some of the commonly inscribed designs. On the other hand, you can go for the typical Native American designs like wolves led by man or vice-versa. All the emotions of the wolves, like its howl, growl, cry, ferocious look, etc., can be depicted in tattoo designs.
Wolf tattoo on chest
Black howling wolf tattoo
A howling wolf is the most one when it comes to wolf tattoo designs. It symbolizes mystery, hidden forces, or everything that is dark, etc. As pictured, you can simply inscribe the head of the wolf or the complete body for a captivating design.
Wolf tattoo on shoulder
Wolf and moon tattoo
The wolf howling at the moon is a unique tattoo for its peculiar meaning. The moon is considered as a feminine symbol. When combined with the wolf, the tattoo symbolizes femininity. On the other hand, the howling of the wolf is used as signal call for its pack. Therefore, this tattoo also symbolizes power.
Wolf head tattoo
Tribal wolf tattoos have positive connotations. They stand for protection, fearlessness, strength, wisdom, etc.
Wolf tattoo on finger
If looking for a simple wolf tattoo on finger, go for a paw design. It is simple, attractive and symbolizes one's journey in life.
Wolf tattoos are usually inscribed by bikers, adventure lovers and followers of the hippie cultures. However, you can also go for it in case you are looking for a unique and meaningful tattoo design. So, look out for a pro tattoo artist who will help you in getting what you want and flaunt it proudly.
Active wolf tattoo design
Illustration of wolf face