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Horse Tattoo Designs

A horse tattoo stands for strength. Know more about these tattoo meanings and designs from the following article.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Man has been attached to animals for centuries. Earlier they would be kept as pets generally for utility purposes, but now, one brings them home for companionship. This love for animals is what inspires people to get an animal tattoo. Some tattoos like horse tattoo designs are based not only on the compassion for the animal, but also on certain qualities that the animal represents. For example, as a horse is the symbol of strength, people interested in displaying strength as their main quality get a horse tattoo.
Horse Tattoo Meanings
Horse is regarded as the symbol of strength, stamina, and grace. It has been a companion of man for centuries; you can still find pictures of horses in the caves of France, which are forty thousand years old! This loyal animal was regarded as the offspring of the four winds who would carry Zeus in the form of a horse. The European culture regards horse as a symbol of a warrior. Stallion and Horse were regarded as twin horse gods and were literally worshiped throughout Britain in the ancient times.

Horses were also regarded as guides in spiritual journeys. Apart from these, there is another important horse tattoo meaning which is related to the Chinese astrology. Horse is a zodiac sign of people born in the years 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026. According to the Chinese astrology, people who have horse as their zodiac sign are witty, powerful, popular, wise, and good-looking.
Interesting and Unique Horse Tattoo Designs
Tribal Horse Tattoo
Tribal Horse Tattoo
Tribal tattoos have always been popular in almost every tattoo category and horse tattoos are no exception to it. These designs can be depicted in various forms. The broad strokes and the dark black ink which are the major characteristics of any tribal tattoo, increase the beauty and grace of a horse design. You do not need to add any other fancy design to a classic tribal tattoo, as it tends to hide the beauty of it.
Celtic Horse Tattoo
Celtic Horse Tattoo
As we all know, Celtic tattoos are made up of loops and knots. These loops and knots are included in a horse tattoo design; the entire horse is not made of loops and knots, just the internal structure of it is filled with the Celtic design.
Wild Horse Tattoo
Horse is one such animal that can be calm at times and extremely wild at others. Some people like the wild look of horses and get them done in their tattoos. The horses which are ready to attack or those in full speed can be depicted as wild horses. Sometimes, horses are also shown attacking their prey. Another great tattoo design is a horse with a warrior on its back.
Wild Horse head
Wild Running horse
Whichever horse tattoo design you opt for, do take proper care of it to avoid infection. So now that you are aware of the various available designs in horse tattoos, you can get yourself the one that suits you the best.