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Elegant Rose Vine Tattoos That Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

Rose Vine Tattoos
Roses inked with initials embedded in them or along with a butterfly or on a vine, each accompanying a subject has a unique interpretation. One such combination includes roses with a vine tattoo design or creepers. Rose vines signify love, passion, beauty, devotion, strength, good luck, and good fortune.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Woman with rose flower
The Mythological Connection
For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the rose was identified with the goddess of love, namely Aphrodite and Venus respectively.

Roses are perennial flowering plants that belong to the genus Rosa. They are popular garden shrubs, and one of the most commonly-sold flowers around the world. They have been valued for their beauty and have varied meanings along with a long history of symbolism.

The origin of the phrase 'under the rose' can be traced to an ancient Roman tradition. When a wild rose was placed outside the room, it was an indicator of a secret or confidential being discussed inside. For the early Christians, the five petals of the rose symbolized five wounds of Jesus Christ. However, since roses also had an association with Romans and their pagan rituals, the leaders of the Christian community refused to adopt it. But eventually, red roses were accepted as a symbol of Jesus' blood, martyrdom, and sacrifice. Later, white roses also came to be associated with Virgin Mother Mary, as white represents purity and innocence.

With all these meanings and interpretation, it is not surprising one bit that rose is a evergreen hit among tattoo lovers.. A single red rose signifies 'love', whereas a thorn-less rose tattoo stands for 'love at first sight'. On the other hand, yellow rose tattoos stand for joy, while white for reverence, light pink for sympathy and admiration, and orange for enthusiasm. Some roses with vines tattoos are provided below, which I hope will inspire you to combine the beauty and significance of a rose with the symbolism of the vine and get the tattoo inked.
Rose Vine Tattoo Designs
Infinity sign with rose.
Celtic cross with rose wine
Rose vine tattoo
Rose vine tattoo
Dragon rose vine tattoo
Depending on your choice, you can opt to keep this tattoo simple or make it elaborate. Whether you opt for small design or go for more intricate ones, as shown in the above images, the design is bound to look elegant and beautiful.

A lot of people opt for tribal rose vine tattoos, for their dark colors and sharp edges, which makes them a great unisex tattoo design. You can choose to combine these tribal tattoos with skulls and bones, angels, flowers, koi fish, or with crosses as shown in the images. If you like tattoos in mono-color schemes, then black rose vine is the best option. Gothic rose vine tattoos also look stunning when combined with other tattoo designs. One of the most commonly used design is that of a blooming red rose surrounded with black vines, birds, and butterflies.

The beauty of rose vine tattoo designs is that they are very versatile and can be placed on various parts of the body, be it the waist, shoulders, foot, ankles, wrist, or back. These decorative tattoos though can cover a large part of the body, yet make up for a great tattoo design. Many people also choose to ink a famous quote or add a loved one's name with a memorable date around the design.
I hope this article has inspired you to decide on what your next tattoo should be. However , make sure you research extensively before finalizing a design and get your tattoo done from an experienced artist and from a hygienic tattoo studio.