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Scorpio Tattoo Designs for the Enigmatic Charm of the Scorpions

Scorpio Tattoo Designs
People born under the zodiac sign Scorpio can sport designs related to this sign, like the scorpion or the glyph. Apart from being attractive, these symbols are also meaningful. In ancient times, a scorpion symbolized protection against evil spirits. Therefore, its picture was inscribed on swords, on amulets, etc.
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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
People adorn themselves with tattoos for the sake of fashion, or to symbolize the meaning associated with it. Whatever the reason, tattoos are very popular with both, men and women, especially young adults. Due to availability of uncountable design options, choosing a single tattoo is quite difficult. In that case, why not consider making a zodiac sign tattoo? The Scorpio sign has one of the most attractive symbols for making a tattoo.
Scorpio Tattoos
Scorpio zodiac sign
People born in between 24th October to 22nd November can flaunt these tattoos. Zodiac tattoos are made by people who themselves belong to that sign, or whose beloved belongs to that sign. A scorpion is quite an intimidating creature and is often related to the dark. This tattoo is loved for its striking and intriguing design. Usually a scorpion is drawn with its tail curved upwards. But, there are many other designs that you can consider.
Design Ideas
Glossy red scorpion
➡ If you want distinct tattoos, you can go for Celtic or tribal Scorpio designs. The Celtic art is very intricate and complex.

➡ These tattoos can also be made by combining other designs like flames, initials of one's name, facial features, etc., to personalize it.

➡ The shape and position of the tail is the most significant part of the scorpion tattoo. These tattoos can be made in different forms, like the one with its tail coiled, or the other with its tail as sharp as a needle.
Tattoo Meaning
Black and White Illustration of Scorpio zodiac sign
• Significance of the scorpion is found in the Greek mythology, in ancient Egyptian culture, in religion and in astrology.

• Celtic and the tribal Scorpio tattoos are believed to keep off evil spirits as well as stings of a scorpion.

• One of the lesser known meanings of this tattoo is that it is a symbol of supreme maternal sacrifice.

• Even today, apart from its other symbolism like mystery, power, aggression, healing, logic; protection remains the most significant one.
Apart from the designs depicted above, you can use your creativity and imagination, and create your own designs. With a little bit of research, and help from a certified tattoo artist, you will surely get what you want! The smaller, symbolic tattoos can be made on the wrist, ankle, neck or even arms. Whereas, the larger ones would be more appropriate on upper arms, back, etc.

Remember that tattoo removal can be painful, so put in a lot of thought before going for a permanent tattoo. Whether you belong to the Scorpio zodiac sign or not, these tattoo designs will never fail in capturing people's attention. Whether it is a huge scorpion on your arm, or a modest looking glyph on your ankle, Scorpio tattoo designs will definitely amaze and mystify the onlooker. Good luck!
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