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Turtle Tattoos

Madhura Pandit Feb 6, 2019
The turtle tattoo is one of the unique designs found today. Here is an information on meanings of these tattoos with different designs ideas.
Body art, i.e. tattooing is an immensely popular form of art today. Although popular since ancient times, it has regained its popularity in the 20th century, and today, tattoos are commonly sported by people all over the world. Although mostly youngsters prefer tattooing on their bodies, it is equally popular among people of all age groups.
Similarly both men as well as women sport different tattoos with equal enthusiasm and zeal. If you are a first timer and wish to have a unique tattoo made on your body, you can definitely go for turtle tattoos as they have a deep meaning, and are also uncommon. Let us take a look at the different meanings associated with this tattoo design.

Meaning and Significance

Turtle as a tattoo symbol may seem outlandish and peculiar. However, there are several meanings and symbolism associated to it. Firstly, turtles represent slow, but, steady movement towards the goal in life.
As the turtle has the ability of retreat in the shell when necessary, it also teaches human beings to escape from the world when necessary. Secondly, the turtle symbolizes different meanings in different cultures, it is very popular and can be safely incorporated as a tattoo design.
In several cultures, a turtle stands for spirituality and is believed to possess healing powers.
According to the North American Indian as well as ancient European culture, the Earth was believed to be created and located on a turtle's back. In the Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, turtles represented tranquility, serenity or quietness.
On the contrary, in some other cultures in the world, it stood for courage and bravery. It is also known for wisdom all over the world. Let us take a look at different designs ideas for these tattoos.

Design Ideas

One of the simplest and the most basic one is to draw a turtle in its actual form; simply in the manner and colors in which it is actually found. Such tattoos can be made in greenish, brown or black color. Secondly, you can be creative and make use of abstract art using the turtle as the basic design or symbol.
On the other hand, you have endless options of designs to inscribe on, the back of the turtle as it has a larger space. The Polynesian and Hawaiian turtle tattoo designs are one of the best and most popular ideas for those who love attractive and colorful designs.
Celtic and tribal tattoos can also be made for their distinct designs. These tattoos can be placed on any part of the body depending on the size of it.
For example, if you create a larger tattoo, you can place it on the back, stomach, shoulder, etc. On the other hand, tattoos on foot, wrist, arms, back of the neck, etc. also look very attractive.
Once you have decided on it, simply go for it, without having second thoughts. As a concluding note, it is recommended you should always have tattoos made by a certified and professional tattoo artist. Good luck!