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These Stunning Starfish Tattoos are Sure to Dazzle You

Starfish Tattoos
Starfish tattoos not only look great, the symbolism of starfish make it an interesting choice for a tattoo. You can try inking them with other sea creatures to make an unusual and attractive tattoo.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Tattooing is a popular form of body art which involves insertion of ink under the surface of the skin. The historical significance of this art is great. Thousands of years ago, these were clan markings that reflected the status of the members of the ancient tribes, or helped the people of those tribes identify the members of their tribe.

Over the years, the fascination for body art has grown manifold. While getting a design inked on the body is a certainly a great way to set a fashion statement, these may mean different things to different people. There are many who resort to this form of body art to express their feelings or inner desires. Due to the increasing popularity of this art, tattooing is emerging to be a very lucrative business. Professional tattoo artists have taken this art to a whole new level. There are several types of designs that are a hit with most people.
Though many people love to get designs of flowers, birds, or animals inked on their body, aquatic themes are also quite popular. Sea turtle, octopus, whale, seahorse, dolphins, waves, oysters, seaweeds, seashells, and starfish are popular designs. The starfish, which is also known as the sea star, is a beautiful aquatic creature. If you have decided to get a starfish inked on your body, vibrant colors and other design elements can be used to create a fantastic design.
Symbolism of Starfish Tattoos
Since starfish is a marine animal, it is considered to be symbolic of sea. A much deeper meaning is attached to this sea creature due to its peculiar characteristics. It is a symbolic tattoo that does have religious connotations. The starfish represents the Virgin Mary or the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea).
Starfish may represent the Polaris, the navigational aid for the sailors. The tattoo of a starfish may be a symbol for the divine love and guidance of Virgin Mary who helps the followers emerge unscathed through the trying times.
Several attributes are also associated with the starfish. It is also associated with inspiration, brilliance, vigilance, and intuition.
Regeneration is another attribute of these aquatic creatures. A starfish can shed an arm that may be in a predator's grip or drop off an arm to get away from the predator. What's interesting is that a starfish can regenerate limbs. This is the reason why starfish are associated with healing and regeneration. Thus, it may be symbolic of the strength to overcome sorrows and come out of a crisis a much stronger person.
Once you have decided to get a starfish inked, you must start considering other aspects such as the size and location of the tattoo. If you don't want a big design inked, you can get a small starfish tattooed on your ankle. You can get the design inked on your shoulder, neck, arm, or back. It can look great especially when vibrant colors or interesting design elements are used. There is no need to restrict yourself when it comes to selecting the colors. Try out vibrant colors. About 2,000 species of starfish of varied shapes, colors and sizes can be found in the deep sea. You can surf the Internet to take a look at different types of species of starfish to decide how you want the starfish to look. This way you would be able to tell the tattoo artist about the texture, color, and details of the starfish in the tattoo.
You would also need to decide whether you want to get a tattoo of a starfish alone or an aquatic tattoo that includes a starfish. To make it look like a scene from a sea, you can include seashells, oysters, seaweeds, fish, and waves in the design. There is no dearth of designs, you just need to unleash your creativity. If you want to use more than one color, it's important to get the right color combination.
You can group together several small starfish. Several patterns can be drawn on the starfish. You can have the moon and stars inked. Starfish can be included in a larger design. A starfish along with waves and sea creatures will make an interesting design.
orange starfish
blue starfish
red starfish
orange and blue starfishes
red starfish on beach
red starfish underwater
red starfish among sea plants
Tattoo Designs
starfish tattoo design
starfish tattoo design
starfish tattoo design
starfish tattoo design
starfish tattoo
An interesting idea would be to get a tattoo of a mermaid with swirling waves, starfish, and other sea creatures. If you don't want a bright design, you can ask the tattoo artist to use thick strokes to create waves around the starfish to give a tribal tattoo look.
This was some information on the symbolism of starfish in body art. Whether you wish to get this design etched on your body as a symbol of divine love and guidance or simply love the idea of donning a tattoo, let me tell you, there's no dearth of design possibilities. Starfish being one of the many beautiful and fascinating creatures living in the deep sea would certainly be a great choice for a tattoo. You can use beautiful colors along with other design elements to create an attention-grabbing design. So, what are you waiting for? Make a fashion statement with this tattoo!
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