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Exquisite Dove Tattoo Designs Along With Their Symbolic Meanings

Dove Tattoos
The most popular meaning of a dove tattoo is peace and love. But, did you know that a dove represents many other meanings and symbolism?
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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The discovery of Otzi, the iceman of the Alps, proved that tattoo making was equally well-known in the ancient times. The body of Otzi is estimated to be more than 5000 years old and has many tattoos imprinted on him. Tattoo making, although known since ancient times, is a very popular art form today. It is free from all the boundaries of age, caste, place, etc., as is sported by people of all age groups. Among the many designs, dove tattoos stand out due to their beauty and symbolic meaning. If you are a promoter of peace, dove tattoos are meant for you.
Meanings and Symbolism
~ Freedom, harmony and peace are the most well-known symbolic meanings of the dove.

~ A dove also stands for new life and hope of future.

~ It represents love and innocence. Interestingly, a dove stands for love in a relationship, between people among society and also in a community.
~ A tattoo depicting a pair of doves means devotion, commitment and partnership.

~ A dove with a olive branch represents success, achievement and victory in work, relationship and life.

~ It is considered as a religious symbol as it stands for the Holy Spirit.

~ On the other hand, in some cultures, the dove represents death and the journey of the soul to the heaven.
Tattoo Designs
Dove tattoo
Simple Dove Tattoo
If you want a simple design, you can go for a plain white dove. Although this is an attractive and easily-recognized design, there can be issues with using white color for making a tattoo. Firstly, it does not suit each and every skin color. Secondly, only a professional and a skilled tattoo artist can make a perfect white dove tattoo, and that may be quite expensive.
Black or Blue Dove Tattoo
You can make designs in black or dark blue colors. These tattoos can also be made in colorful designs and patterns. However, colorful dove tattoos are not very popular.
Dove Tattoo With Name
If you are making this tattoo to symbolize love, you can even personalize it with the name or initials of your beloved. Dove tattoos with slogans like 'Peace is Forever' or 'Look for Peace', etc., are also very popular. You can combine other symbols like the heart, flowers, cross, etc., with the dove to make meaningful and personalized tattoo designs.
With the Sun
Sometimes, a dove is also drawn along with the picture of the sun or flames to symbolize contrasts. Tribal and Celtic dove tattoos look equally attractive.
For Girls
Tattoos for girls are delicate, graceful and made in attractive colors. This tattoo can be made on any part of the body. However, make sure that you take into consideration your job profile, your religion and culture, before making a highly visible tattoo.
So, if you are a first timer and wish to have a unique, yet popular tattoo, this design is simply the best one for you. Due to the myriad symbolism, your dove tattoo will surely be a prized possession and a cause of envy for many. Good luck!