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Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius Tattoos
There are myriad of tattoo designs based on the theme of Sagittarius zodiac sign. Presented below are some tattoo ideas for those born under Sagittarius sign.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
The Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized by the archer, and individuals born in between November 23rd to December 21st belong to this zodiac sign.
Sagittarius individuals are often on good terms with people around them because of their optimistic and fun-loving nature. People never get bored in the company of these individuals, as they are adventurous, intellectual, good-humored, and broad-minded. These individuals are extremely straight forward and direct, sometimes to the extent of being tactless. If you are a Sagittarius and wish to combine astrology with art, then you can go for these zodiac tattoos.
Sagittarius Sign Tattoos
signs of the Zodiac
As the name suggests, these tattoos are sported by individuals born under this sign. However, in some cases, people not born under this sign are found to sport this sign as a memory of a lost loved one born under this sign; or as a mark of love for the beloved born under this sign. Whatever the reasons, if you are in any way connected to the Sagittarius sign, you can think of having it as a tattoo. Zodiac tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity these days and as there are endless designs found, there are lesser chances of your design being repeated or being too common.
Tattoo Designs
The Archer
Large sagittarius archer tattoo
The symbol of Sagittarius sign is one of the most elaborate designs among all other symbols. The archer or the hunter, that is sometimes portrayed in the form of the centaur, makes quite an interesting picture. If you are looking for simple Sagittarius tattoos then you can have an ordinary archer, pointing his arrow forward or towards the sky, drawn on your body. On the other hand, if you wish to go for the more attractive and decorative design, then you can go for the centaur archer. These images are larger in size and can be drawn in attractive colors and styles. These tattoos can be placed on upper arm, shoulder, back, chest, etc. Tribal designs in darker shades can also be considered.
The Glyph
Black sagittarius glyph tattoo
Similar to the symbols, every zodiac sign has a specific glyph related to it. The glyph of Sagittarius is a modest looking arrow, which precisely signifies the characteristics and traits of those born under this sign. If you are looking for smaller and simpler designs, then the glyph is the perfect option. You will find many varieties and types of arrows that can be used as Sagittarius glyph tattoos. Secondly, you can be creative and mix and match other designs with the arrow like Celtic knots, tribal designs, sun, stars, etc. The glyph with a text like 'Sagittarius' in beautiful font is one of the most loved tattoo option for girls.
You can either go with any of these or use a combination to create different and unique tattoos. Make sure you have your tattoo made only with the help of a certified professional artist.