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Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion Tattoo Designs
Getting a tattoo of a lion indicates strength, drive, and confidence in life. Read the ThoughtfulTattoos article as it illustrates which type of design you should go for.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
People often pick tattoo designs according to their zodiac signs. The lion is one of the zodiac signs which has been incorporated into tattoos for years. It is said that each astrological sign governs a particular body part, and viewed as the seat of its power. For example, Leo rules the heart and spine. Keeping that idea in mind, a Leo would get lots of options for sporting lion tattoos. There are various symbolism linked with this tattoo design like victory, pride, nobility, justice, protection and supremacy. Impersonating itself as a powerful guardian and protector, the lion represents such qualities for its wearer.
What Does the Lion Represent
Getting a tattoo inked on your body shouldn't be a hasty decision. Before you decide the look of the tattoo design and the place to get the tattoo, it's necessary to ascertain if you want to get a male or a female lion tattoo. Although the answer here is pretty simple, men will definitely stick to masculine designs and women tend to choose either masculine or feminine designs. After this decision is made, the hunt for your tattoo begins. It is essential to choose the right tattoo design to draw the emotions of the tattoo and you together. There are many professional tattoo artists to help you in finding the right tattoo that matches your personality. And if you still feel that something is not right and the designs are not working for you, design your own tattoo. Here are some attributes identified with the designs.
  • Peaceful, calm, cool lion : Quiet but strong and confident.
  • Pouncing lion : Willing to fight, forceful, and brave.
  • Roaring lion : Invokes fear in others and powerful.
  • Seated lioness : Maternal and voluptuous.
Designs to Consider
Colored Tribal Lion Tattoo
King Lion Tattoo with Crown
Patterned head of the lion
King lion heraldic symbol.
Lion Silhouette Tattoo
Wildlife lion head
Ideas for Women
In terms of getting a tattoo, women prefer feminine designs. But this perception is fast changing, as lion tattoos are becoming fashionable day-by-day. These tattoos can be placed on the back, shoulders, arms, legs, and upper hips. There is a wide variety of designs which are graceful and royal, and suits their personality. You can also choose female lion, depending on the size and the place where you would like to ink your tattoo. It could be a large tattoo portraying the lion's body, which shows the creature's strong and masculine physique or a roaring lion's head. The designs give a bold, determined, courageous, and authoritative representation of women.
Ideas for Men
No matter what designs you choose, they will look amazing on the back, biceps, shoulder blades, etc. Many guys go for Celtic or tribal lion tattoo. The detailing needed to get the exact face of the lion, combining vibrant colors, or black ink tattoos make for amazing artwork. Some tribal tattoos for men make them look more masculine and add that much-needed style quotient. There is a wide range of designs to consider from. which portray fierce and life-like qualities about them. They are very popular as they interpret 'the king of the jungle' in its prime glory. With the help of a professional tattoo artist, you may select the tattoo design that suits your personality.
Lion Tattoo with Fire Mane
King Lion Roaring Tattoo
Lion tattoos and designs.
Lion Tattoo with Wings
Heraldic rampant lion
Heraldic lion
Capturing the essence of the lion can be difficult, so it is wise to get the lion tattoo design done by a professional. Choose from as many designs as possible, and show off your courage and royalty for the world to see. Tattoos become a part of your body and soul as they interpret your individual personality.
Lion vector illustration
Infuriated lion
Lion face abstract design
Lion illustration design
Vector of red lion design
Lion Vector Standing
Lion tattoo form
Lion black outline design
Vector image of lion
Lion Head Tattoo Design
Leaping Lion Tattoo
Running Lion Tattoo
Lion head form tattoo
Black lion head