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Rose Tattoos

Natasha Bantwal Jan 22, 2019
Roses, especially red ones, have always been associated with love and passion, and the tattoo artists of today exploit the associations to the fullest. The newfound focus of the youth on all things related to spiritual communion and physical passion between lovers is evident through the plethora of rose tattoos.
Beyond doubt, the rose is probably the most loved and adored type of flower anywhere in the world. Since time immemorial, the rose was (and still is) the only flower that was linked with romance and passion between lovers. These romantic connotations are probably why it is such a popular flower today.
Which woman wouldn't want to receive a single red rose or a bouquet of roses from their lover? The red rose in particular is undoubtedly the most popular color because it relates strongly to love and of course sex!

Symbolism and Meanings

However, the rose has many different symbolic meanings. According to the folklore in certain places, it was highly admired and revered by the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite and Venus, who was Aphrodite's Roman counterpart.
Apart from the romantic and sexual connotations, the red rose also has spiritual and religious connections and is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. People claiming to have witnessed or set eyes upon the vision of Mary say that her appearance is always accompanied by the scent of this flower.
So, if you are considering getting a rose tattoo done, but are not very sure because of its romantic and sexual implications, you don't have to worry - they are not only adorned by women, but some of the most masculine men have also been seen sporting one.
Whatever may be your reasons for getting a tattoo - from showing love and affection to a loved one to paying homage to a departed loved one - this is one of the most popular designs amongst the youth today.
From getting a plain design on your arm to being more creative by incorporating the rose in a multi-image, you can experiment with many designs. You may have seen a man with a tattoo all the way across his back of a snake coiled around a dagger that was deeply embedded in a rosebush - how's that for creativity?

Guns 'N' Roses Tattoo

If you are a Guns 'N' Roses fan, then you are probably already familiar with the designs. 
This 1980s rock band were very famous for their music and wild lifestyle, yet they all sported designs that incorporated the image of the rose (even though there were images of guns included as well). As a result of this, many fans, male as well female, emulated the band by getting tattoos of guns and roses as well.

Choosing the Right Designs

The color of a rose has a great significance and meaning, so before allowing yourself to be 'pricked', it would be wise to first choose the color you want, and whether it will suit the design you have chosen for yourself. So, whether it is a tribal design, or a rose and heart design, the color of the design is a very important factor to consider.
● The red rose is the most popular color and symbolizes love, passion, bravery, and romanticism. Of unsurpassed beauty, this is the most famous design.
● A red bud is the symbol of beauty and purity.
● A dark red one symbolizes unconscious beauty.
● The gold rose stands for accomplishment and success.
● A pink one represents friendship, happiness, grace, gentleness, and appreciation.
● A light pink one represents all things that are sweet and understanding.
● The white rose stands for innocence, purity, charm, youth, innocence, privacy, humbleness, silence, and reverence.
● A yellow one symbolizes happiness, joyfulness, apology, and even jealousy.
● Lavender personifies fascination.
● The coral colored rose stands for desire.
● A blue one is the symbol for impossibility.
● And the black rose would traditionally represent death and sorrow.
So, if you are seriously contemplating getting rose tattoos done, all you have to do is go online and you'll find hundreds of different designs.