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Water Lily Tattoos: Mesmerizing Symbols of Purity and Modesty

Water Lily Tattoos
Water lily tattoos symbolize purity, divine power, beauty and eternity.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
The water lily is similar to the lotus flower, in that both grow in muddy water. Though they vary in appearance, the spiritual significance that they hold is similar. Both have been associated with the creation of several gods and goddesses that belonged to various ancient religions. A water lily is thus, a symbol of all that is pure, divine, beautiful, and eternal on this planet.
Water lily tattoos are among the most popular flower tattoo designs for women in the world, though men are also known to sport these. As mentioned before, these tattoos have connotations that vary among different religions and traditions.

☀ The bloom of the water lily is quite inspirational to human beings, simply because it blossoms in muddy water. The opening up of the petals to the sun is symbolic of the human soul opening up to, and accepting the wish of the divine. As such, those who wish to portray this aspect of a water lily may get a blooming water lily tattoo design.

☀ A water lily bud signifies its willingness to bloom and achieve spiritual realization from the divine.
☀ It thus symbolizes the human journey from the dark world of ignorance to ultimate spiritual enlightenment. Thus, one may portray this symbolism in the form of a budding water lily tattoo.

☀ Spiritually, a water lily signifies freedom from attachment to material desires. 'cause a water lily is in harmony with the world, yet it is inaccessible because of its muddy surroundings. This is why it has been termed as a symbol of purity.
☀ The water lily in the Egyptian culture has a distinct presence, and is popular as the 'blue lily of the Nile'. This is a very sacred symbol and represents cleanliness and modesty. The span of the petals of the water lily are akin to the rays of the sun that provides life and light to the world. It is also considered as a symbol of death and resurrection. A bright water lily tattoo, in full bloom, would suitably represent this symbolism.
☀ In mythology, a white water lily symbolizes chastity, and thus stands for the suppression of a human being's innate desires. On the other hand, it has also been said, if plucked on a night of full moon, a white water lily can be used to attract one's desired love.

☀ A blue water lily stands for warding off evil spirits and demons, and on the other hand, is also an expression of love.
☀ A yellow water lily has been used by the native Americans as a means to repel all spirits that were bad and evil.

☀ In the Buddhist religion, the petals of a lotus, which is similar to a water lily in several respects, are symbolic of the different struggles and challenges that us human beings have to face in life. You may then get a lotus or a water lily tattoo as a symbol of this struggle (major or minor).
Among flower tattoos, water lily tattoos hold such prominence among tattoo lovers for the above-mentioned reasons and symbolism. As it has been rightly said, the purpose of a tattoo is to express oneself through art, and getting a water lily tattoo serves to express all that is pure and eternal. Its spiritual connotations make it the perfect tattoo for those who are spiritually inclined, and may wish to portray their preferences by sporting such a tattoo. However, it is not a compulsion that a water lily tattoo should be made only because of its symbolism. One may choose it even for its simple yet grand stature, its beauty, and its aesthetic value. Whatever the reason may be, the symbolism as well as the physical beauty of water lily tattoos is ultimately perfect for any individual belonging to any age group.
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