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Fascinating Wrist Tattoos for Guys to Commit to Your Real Being

Wrist Tattoos for Guys
Wrist tattoos for guys, and even girls, looks alluring. If you have decided to get a tattoo on your wrist, perhaps we can help you find the right design that suits your style and attitude...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Whether you are getting a tattoo for the first time or already have taken this road before, deciding exactly "what" the tattoo shall be is tough. As this can be a challenging thing for some, many take pride in knowing exactly "what" they want to get tattooed and "where". Wrist tattoos have a different appeal as they have made a niche among men and women.
As a popular fad, these tattoos are generally small and almost inexpensive to get done. However, they can also turn into a complete arm tattoo. Any type of wrist tattoo can be altered and adapted to a variety of ideas. Which is why, these tattoos take on a new level. Some of the most favored and well-known tattoos are tribal, Celtic knot-work, Hawaiian, and stars. Also, colors are often added to enhance the overall visual of the tattoo. David Beckham, Dave Navarro, Pete Wentz, Tommy Lee, Benji Madden, Travis Barker, Keith Urban, Ash Stymest, Joel Madden, Bam Margera, and Robbie Williams, all have wrist tattoos (good or bad is up to your taste) that are worthy to mention. Let's take a look at how you can get your very own tattoos in various patterns and colors.
Tattoo Ideas to Consider
Although many tattoo fanatics are choosing to get inked over their wrists, it still isn't a common place yet. With tons of possibilities to explore from, these tattoos are in need for some appreciators. If you're contemplating on different ideas, there are three basic options you can choose from, such as a wraparound tattoo (which circles your entire wrist), single design or image (either on the inside or on top of the wrist), and words, names, or phrases (it holds a special meaning to you).
Wraparound Tattoos
You must've seen it on many people. Wraparound tattoos on the wrists are quite appealing and sexy, in its own way. These designs add flair and visual appeal to the entire art and the wrist as well. Any type of flowing design that can be extended across the entire wrist and/or double backs on itself works best. Tribal tattoos is the most preferred one for a wraparound tattoo. Other examples include flames, vines, Celtic tattoos, and barbed wires.
Wraparound Tattoo
Tribal Wraparound Tattoo along the wrist, as well as extended up to the forearm
Also, a quote, sentence, or even a phrase in different languages besides English, like Sanskrit or other running font can help get the band right. The point is, you need to be comfortable and accepting to the design, otherwise, what's the use!
Single Design Tattoos
Many tattoo lovers have found that a single image or design looks much more attractive and sexy, as compared to a wraparound or specific spoken words. One of the popular locations to get this kind of tattoo would be in the inside of the wrist. Although the skin on the inner wrist is much softer, there is a considerable amount of pain to be dealt with. Popular designs are Kanji characters, rosary, zodiac sign, cross, tribal, and Celtic designs.
Single Design Tattoo
Anything as simple as a heart can also create wonders
However, be very careful as to research on this concept. Many a time, what happens is that even a slight alteration in the characters can mean a completely different thing in that particular language. You don't want to have a misspelled tattoo right in front of you.
Word Tattoos
This is one of the safest, yet classy approach to getting a tattoo. Words or names of something/someone important to you can open doors to hundreds of opportunities for designs. You can experiment different words that inspire you, such as dream, breathe, live, chance, God, family, love, simplicity, change, purpose, discipline, kind, and belief. The choices are plenty and will dare you to come up with a unique idea just for yourself.
Word Tattoos
Oriental scripts are very popularly used in Word Tattoos
Also, you can choose two opposites and ink them on both your wrists to show the extremes. For example, "live" and "die", "earth" and "heaven", "love" and "hate", "yin" and "yang", or "what you see" and "what you get". Any kind of powerful words or statements, things you've been through and seen in your life can inspire the tattoo. They are definitely personal without having to do a whole lot. It's practically a very safe choice for your tattoo.
Images to Help You Decide
As you look below, you will see some designs for men. You can either choose any of the designs given here or can find inspiration and create one for yourself. Take a look.
Fire Tattoo
Wrist  to forearm tattoo
Star and Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoo
Abstract Tattoo
Name Tattoo
Flower Tattoo
As I mentioned earlier, the level of pain for a wrist tattoo is higher. As the needle is directly over the wrist bone and close to the thin layer of skin, you will feel a sense of stinging and piercing at the same time. So, the bottom line is, it is generally painful. And, along with the physical pain, comes another kind of pain; hiding your tattoo. For women, it is hardly a problem as we can hide them under accessories like bracelets and wrist watches. On the contrary, these tattoos for guys can be a different story because you can't just keep wearing long-sleeved shirts all the time. In a conservative work environment, you have to be careful about how the tattoos will work out. No matter what you decide, a tattoo, anywhere on your body, is a commitment made to your belief and real being.
Tattooed man with shaved head
Tattoo on hand
Fireman With Tattoos
Arm tattoos
Tattoo profile on hand
Bodybuilder showing tattoo
Tattooed man at gym
Tattooed student in lab
Tattooed man in action pose
Bearded man with tattoo
Tattoos on male arm
Tattooed man at sunny day
Tattooed dad with his son
Chin Ups On A Gym