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Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoos That Highlight an Eternal Bond

Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo
A Celtic motherhood knot tattoo symbolizes a mother's love for her child. If you want to have a symbolic tattoo, honoring the birth of your child, you can go for this tattoo. It is popular among women as it marks motherhood.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Tattoos are symbolic and meaningful. People usually have tattoos made to symbolize important and significant events of their life. Tattoos can also be dedicated to dear ones. The Celtic motherhood knot, or simply the Celtic motherhood tattoo, is one such type of tattoo.

Celtic tattoos are popular for their unique interlaced designs. One of the many reasons for considering Celtic designs is pride in one's culture and heritage. The Celts were much advanced in the fields of art and culture. The artifacts belonging to this era contain many intriguing designs. One such design that captures the eye is the Celtic knot. On a closer observation, you will find that it has no beginning and no end. The knot appears like a string woven into loops, entangled into a complex pattern.
Celtic Motherhood Knot Meaning
The Celtic knot is a unique and intrinsic design that belongs particularly to the Celtic culture. It is popularly used as a tattoo symbol. The Celtic motherhood knot tattoo symbolizes the strong bond between the mother and her child, or love for one's child. As motherhood is a symbol of new life, both for a woman as well as the newborn child, this phase in a woman's life is honored and celebrated.
Design Ideas
Celtic Tattoo
Celtic Tattoo
Celtic Tattoo
Celtic Tattoo
The Celtic motherhood symbol is a design of two hearts intertwined or knotted together. The heart is a universal symbol of love all over the world. On the other hand, as mentioned above, there is no beginning nor an end to the knot, hence, it shows eternal love for the child.

Variations can be made to the basic knot design to create a unique tattoo design. As pictured above, you can include names/initials of your children into the tattoo. On the other hand, you can also add other elaborate designs like flowers, vine, butterflies, etc., to the basic motherhood knot.

These tattoos can be made in any color of your choice. Usually, Celtic design tattoos are made in navy blue or black ink. However, you can even have this tattoo made in blue, green, or red color.

As this tattoo is usually made in smaller size, you can sport it on your wrist, arm, back of the neck, shoulder, etc. Celtic knot of motherhood tattoos seem complicated to make, therefore, it is recommended to have this tattoo made only by a certified and professional tattoo artist. This beautiful and graceful tattoo is sure to capture the eye of the viewer and also signify your love for your child forever.
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