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Vibrant Flower Vine Tattoos That are Guaranteed to Captivate You

Flower Vine Tattoos
Flower vine tattoos are a favorite among young girls and women. The inclusion of vines, leaves, and tendrils in flower tattoos can create some exquisitely beautiful patterns. Let's take a look at some sensational flower and vine tattoo designs.
Chandramita Bora
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Flower vine tattoos are those few tattoos that have universal appeal, and can be used to adorn any part of the body. A flower vine tattoo can look exotic and intriguing, whether it is placed on the foot, ankle, wrist, arm, or on the lower back region. A creeping vine along with a few beautiful flowers, leaves, and tendrils can instantly attract anyone. These tattoos can be kept simple or you can create some intricate designs by incorporating some other elements, along with flowers and vines.
Flower and Vine Tattoo Ideas
flower vine design
These tattoos are extremely versatile, as so many flowers and vines are there to choose from. Flowers that are more commonly used for tattooing are roses, lilies, orchids, plumerias, daisies, jasmines, and hibiscus. Among vines, you can go for the ivy, grapevine, kudzu, and the holly. Along with flowers and vines, you can also include leaves and tendrils to make your tattoo more attractive.

However, these are not the only elements that can be included in vine and flower tattoos. Even butterflies, letters, initials, birds, and hearts can be included in flower tattoos to enhance their visual impact. Flower and vine tattoos are usually colorful, and so, you can use different colors to create a vibrant tattoo. But many tattoo lovers prefer a monochromatic color scheme to create these tattoos.
Designs to Choose From
flower vine design
flower vine design
flower vine design
Symbolic Meaning
flower vine design
Flower vine tattoos, especially the vines have deep symbolic meanings attached to them, which can help you make a choice. For example, the ivy is regarded as a symbol of love and friendship. For the Romans, this vine stands for immortality. It can also represent femininity and fertility. On the other hand, the grapevine was the emblem of the 'chosen people' for the Hebrews, and was used to represent luck and strength.

In Greek mythology, the grapevine is the symbol of the God of wine, Dionysus. But in early Christian art, this vine was depicted to form the crown of Gluttony, when this sin was portrayed in human form. For the Celts, vines in general, stood for strength and determination, while for the pagans, they were the symbol of life and death. So, vines could mean several different things in different cultures of the world.

Like vines, different flowers also have deep symbolic meanings. For example, roses are the universal symbol of love and passion, while the lotus represents spirituality. Cherry blossoms are widely used in Asian tattoo designs, and they symbolize love, beauty, and the transitivity of life. Lilies on the other hand, are considered a symbol of purity and innocence.
Placement of the Tattoo
flower vine design
A flower-vine tattoo can look great on any part of the body. A crawling vine along with a few small flowers carved along your arms, can look really fascinating. A long swirling vine with a few small flowers across the lower back region, or on the leg from the ankle to the calf, can look equally beautiful.Another favorite area for placing a vine tattoo is the side, which provides a lot of space to create a large and elaborate tattoo. A simple and small vine tattoo can be placed on the foot or on the ankle. Usually, a small tattoo is preferred for the foot, as this area provides limited space.
Flower vine tattoos can be kept simple or made elaborate with intricate designs. The choice between the two depends entirely on individual taste and preferences. Whether you want to go for a simple and small flower and vine tattoo, or for an intricate design, be sure to choose the right color combination and design that can enhance the visual impact of your tattoo.
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