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Orbital Piercing

Things to Know Before Getting an Orbital Piercing Done

Planning to get a body piercing. Heard about orbital piercing? This is definitely the coolest type of body piercing that adds a unique style element to your looks. Here's more about the same.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
If you want to don a modish look, then piercings are amongst the easiest options for this. There are different types of body piercings that you can opt for and add a style element to your looks. Orbital piercing is one such body piercing which is in vogue these days. The appearance that this piercing gives is just unmatchable to that any other type of piercing gives. What is this piercing, what are the jewelry and placement options for this? Here are answers to all your questions.
What is Orbital Piercing?
The piercing basically consists of two ear piercings. Further a single piece of jewelry passes through both the piercings. It is similar to an industrial piercing wherein you use a single barbel that passes through the two holes. The difference basically is the jewelry used for this type of piercing. The piercing essentially consists of a single ring that passes through two holes. Also the two piercings are not as far as that in case of industrial piercing. 'Orbital' refers to the orbital shape made by the rings around the skin, as it passes through the two holes.
The one that passes through the center of ear cartilage, right next to the ear canal is called conch piercing. The piercing done on the helix, the curled ridge on the outer edge of the ear is called a helix piercing. Lobe piercing is another option that you can consider where the two piercings are done on the lobe, hence easiest to heal.
Jewelry Options
The body jewelry most popularly used for this type of ear piercing is a ring. A plain ring or a captive bead ring is a suitable piece of jewelry for this type of piercing. There are a number of options in captive bead rings in terms of color and type of beads. You can have various colors of rings or a metallic or stainless steel ring with colored bead or stones. Apart from these the 'O rings' also look classy. Another stylish piercing jewelry that you can wear to spice up your looks is a horseshoe. Well, try this and the piercing is sure to look even more trendy. You can go for a ball horseshoe or a cube horseshoe pattern as well.
Is the Piercing Painful
Well the pain you'll experience is not different from what you will do in case of a single piercing on that area. Healing time for orbital lobe piercing is not more than 3 - 6 weeks. The healing time for helix orbital and conch piercing is around 2 months to a year. While the pain will not last longer duration, complete healing takes time. In case of conch piercing the pain can be more, hence it is recommended to have one piercing and go for the next when the first heals.
It is also recommended to have separate jewelry for the two piercings. Meaning you can wear a separate ring or stud for each hole. Placing a single ring since the time you do the piercing can put strain on the holes and the area leading to pain and this can also delay the healing process. Once the piercings heal completely, you can put on a single ring to have a perfect piercing. It is also important to have the two piercings done at proper distance, which an experienced professional can easily do. Following the right aftercare very important to ensure fast healing.
Though the piercing is commonly done on the ear area, some also try to experiment with this style. So you can see some wearing an orbital navel piercing or lip piercing as well. So what are you waiting for follow the hottest fashion trend and get that cool piercing done soon.
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