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Saline Solution for Piercings

Saline Solution for Piercings

Saline solution is used as an aftercare product for piercings. This article will give you a recipe, as well as tips on making a sterile saline solution.
Madhura Pandit
Body piercing is one of the coolest things these days. Agreed that piercing can be painful; but what is more painful is the consequence, if proper aftercare methods are not followed. Using saline solution for piercings is often recommended to prevent infection. This solution is easily available in the market, or even at the tattoo artist's studio. But, it can be easily made at home.

How to Make Saline Solution

Saline solution is nothing, but, simple salt water solution which is used to treat and even prevent infections caused due to body piercing. Saline solution is similar to the saline content of the body, and hence, it is helpful in warding off infections. Although all people who have undergone piercing are advised to use this solution to clean the area around piercing, they fail to follow the instructions which results in infections, irritation, and discomfort. If you wish to avoid either of these, you can make your own saline solution at home and use it accordingly.

You need to use only specific ingredients. For e.g, it is wise to use clear distilled, packaged water. Secondly, the salt used should not contain iodine, or it can irritate the wound caused due to piercing. You need to check the labels of both the ingredients before using them. At the same time, the containers used for the same should also be sterilized (washed in boiling water).

  • ⅓ teaspoon of sea salt
  • 8 oz of water
Method of Preparation
The water should be heated so that it boils for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the water boils, remove from heat and set to cool. When the water is lukewarm, add salt into it. Stir continually, so that the salt is completely dissolved in the water. Pour the solution in sterilized sprays, bottles or cups. The homemade sterile saline solution for piercing is ready.

Using Saline Solution

Once you have prepared the saline solution, you should go through the following tips to know how to use it. Saline solution can also be used to clear the crusty matter. The following are the tips that you should follow as piercing aftercare.
  • Before actually using the solution, you should wash your hands with clean water and soap, and only then touch the piercing.
  • The piercing should be directly dipped in the saline solution for cleaning it. If not possible, you can simply pour the lukewarm solution slowly and directly on the piercing. It can also be sprayed directly on it if you are using a spray.
  • Another method of using saline solution is by using cotton swabs to clean the area around it. Cotton swabs should be dipped in the solution and used to clean dirt as well as crusty matter around the piercing.
  • Once you are done, you should wipe off the fluid with a soft towel or a clean tissue. Make sure that you simply dab or pat gently, and not wipe or rub harshly. The solution can be used 2-3 times a day.
You must have also noted that it is simple and can be made in a short time, so, if you have done any body piercing, make your own saline solution and use it right away to prevent infection. Take care!
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