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How to Pierce Your Nose

Find How to Pierce Your Nose And Get to Know the Safety Tips to Follow

Piercing the nose is a very popular style statement these days. Read on to know more about performing it yourself...
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019
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Along with tattooing, piercing is perhaps the most popular body art form we have come across! And why not, when it can look so amazing with so little effort on any individual, regardless of gender.
It's true that you need the right kind of attitude and personality to carry it off, however, that is not the matter of concern here. If you wish to go for a piercing and are confident in your own ability to pull it off, then go for it! Many people tend to look even smarter and more beautiful after sporting a piercing.
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Nose piercing is one such popular piercing, especially among the fairer sex. And as you may know, it doesn't take much time, and also doesn't involve too many risks. In fact, you can try it in the confines of your own home. This will also save you some money.
Nose or nostril piercing isn't at all difficult, although you need to be very careful while using the piercing needle. Plus, the cost is not a matter of concern. For piercing, you need to buy the appropriate stud.
  • To start with, gather the stuff needed for the entire process, i.e., the nose ring, sterilized piercing needle, clamp, alcohol, latex gloves, and a pen.
  • When you have all the material handy, first of all wash your entire face thoroughly with a face wash and warm water, so that it is free of dirt and looks fresh.
  • When you are done, mark the position where you want to pierce your nose with a pen. Make a small dot in order to make it easier. to spot. See to it that the ink is not soluble in water or alcohol.
  • Now, dip a cotton ball in alcohol, and roll it over the area of the nose you want to pierce. Alternatively or in conjunction to the alcohol, take a few ice cubes and keep them over the nose for about 3-4 minutes to make the entire part numb. This will act as local anesthesia, and will help you go through the process with minimal pain.
  • Now, take the nose ring and dip it in the alcohol for few minutes. This will sterilize it and make it safe to wear. Wear the latex gloves on your hands now.
  • Next, remove the piercing needle from its packet, and immediately pierce it perpendicularly on the marked part of your nose. You will feel a throbbing pricking sensation for a few seconds.
  • Once the piercing is done, take the ring out of the alcohol and insert it in the pierced hole, and close it with the back. Let us warn you beforehand, this process can hurt a lot despite the 'anesthesia', so brace yourself.
Well, there you are! Done with piercing your own nose at home.Safety Tips to Follow
  • Firstly, be sure you want to pierce your nose! Take your time to decide this; you don't want to realize that you suffered the pain of the process only to later realize you don't really want a piercing at all!
  • Make sure the part you are going to pierce is entirely free of pimples or other skin issues.
  • Secondly, only use clean and sterilized piercing needles. Even if you have bought them in sterilized form, make sure you sterilize again before using. You are going to pierce your skin in this procedure, so you can never be too safe.
  • Prepare the place you want to work on, and clean it properly before starting with the process. Make sure someone is there to guide you in case you go wrong or get a severe case of butterflies. Preferably get a friend who has had a piercing him/herself.
  • As part of the aftercare, keep on moving the ring a bit to ensure that the hole is permanent, and doesn't close. Trying to close the hole is the body's natural response to this unwelcome procedure, so get that under control.
  • Be alert of infections, which is a constant risk in procedures that involves cutting the skin.
We hope this info would be useful.