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Belly Button Rings for Pregnant Women

Times have changed, and trends have plowed themselves. Sporting a belly button ring is not a radical sight anymore. Following suit are belly button rings for pregnant women, so that one could enjoy fashion and pregnancy in concert! ...
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Sporting a belly button ring is a fad that seduced the fashion world ad nauseam ... . Well, fashion-istas swear by this fashion trend! From the most sought-after celebrity to a 'self-proclaimed' panjandrum, everyone is bitten by the belly button bug. If you are the kind who follows fashion trends closely and analyzes the shoots and slopes the fashion world goes through, you ought to be fond of decking up with the latest fashion accessories. A belly button piercing does feature on your wish list, I bet, or perhaps you sport a belly button ring and wear outfits that flaunt it! However, if you are pregnant and don't wish to part with your belly button ring, you could follow some tips listed in this article. Belly button rings meant for pregnant women will help you keep the diva in you alive, even while you carry your little bundle of joy. After all, belly button rings mustn't get you bellyaching!
Essential Facts
Body piercing is no more a unique trend, yet it is a trend that refreshes and rediscovers itself as time elapses. Belly button rings lend an oomph factor to your persona and will continue to do so. But what should you do during pregnancy? Here are some handy and applicable tips that you could resort to.
► A rule of thumb for using the belly button ring in toto: One must sanitize jewelry before use. Irrespective of where you buy the jewelry, you must dunk the piece in tepid water with a little soap. Rinse thereafter. Before wearing the jewelry, clean the area pierced, as well. Only then the jewelry -- in this case the belly button ring -- is deemed fit for use.
► Maintaining hygiene during pregnancy is very important. A hygiene-challenged pregnant woman will not be able to handle and care for the piercing and the belly button ring. If there is a feeling of discomfort, itchiness and a scratchy sensation around your belly button, you should not ignore it. Act immediately. Ignorance is no bliss in such a situation.
► The best pregnancy belly button ring is one that changes shape as the belly size increases.
► Stretchable pregnancy belly button rings that are nonmetallic in nature prove helpful during pregnancy. As they have no metal content, there is no risk of countering infections around the belly button area.
► Fake belly rings are also a great option that you could go in for, while pregnant. You could use clip-on rings or detachable magnetic rings. They could be removed at your discretion and worn when you feel like. To make this a tad exciting, you could opt for a set of fake rings in different designs and colors, and change them when boredom strikes one and your heart falls for the next one in your set! Continue to do so, until you reach the penultimate piece!
► Using stretchable rings can make cleaning the belly button easy and carefree.
► Belly button rings could be larger in size. They should also have the property of expanding with the belly size. Seeking advice from a piercing expert could be a fruitful session.
► As you are now enceinte with your to-be-born bundle, you need to be very careful and pay extra attention. It is after the completion of six months that the fetus proliferates. If you are determined to continue wearing a metallic belly button ring even after you are through with your second trimester, you need to be vigilant enough to prevent skin rashes from sprouting.
► It is essential to take care of your piercing. It is important for you to understand that the slightest neglect on your part, can spell disaster for you and your fetus.
► The risk of infection can grab you if you do not follow hygiene routines. Oozing of watery substance (pus) -- smelly discharge from the belly button mixed with traces of blood, the skin feeling hot and sweaty around the belly button area, swelling and redness, further creating a bump on the surface are indicators of belly button infection. Contact your Doctor without any second thoughts. It's time to do something about it!
► Medical belly button plastic rings are sterilized rings that could be used by pregnant women if they are keen to continue wearing belly button rings. They are flexible, and the best part is, you don't need to worry anymore!
► If belly button rings -- metal or medically sterilized -- make you feel uncomfortable, it is suggested that you discontinue wearing the same and revert to adorning it post delivery.
Belly button rings meant for pregnant women, furnish a lot of options to choose from. Nevertheless, it depends on you what you find appropriate. If you find yourself bothered over the belly button ring issue, consult your gynecologist immediately. After all, the most important thing for you is your baby and not fashion. Your baby is your priority, so, be cautious, and tread along carefully, being wise at every step.