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Stunning Leo Tattoo Designs That Showcase the Pride of a Leo

Leo Tattoo Designs
The symbol of the zodiac sign Leo, that is the lion, stands for bravery and strength. The popularity of zodiac tattoos is attributed to the fact that they are timeless, personal, and meaningful. One should remember to have a tattoo made only from a certified tattoo artist.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
lion face
Astrology and zodiac symbols tend to fascinate people all over the world. Using zodiac signs as tattoo designs is quite popular these days. As such, a Leo tattoo is made by those born in between July 24th and August 23rd. Not only that, as Leo tattoos are appealing and unique, they are also made simply for the sake of fashion or creativity, and not always to flaunt the zodiac sign.
Tattoo Meaning
Leo is ruled by the sun and symbolized by the lion. Leos are generous, warmhearted, fun-loving, and also dominating and bossy. The lion stands for courage, bravery, victory, etc. As it is known as the king of the jungle, it represents power, might, and strength. In fables and tales, it is also portrayed as being helpful and kind. A Leo tattoo represents all the qualities associated with the lion. Pride and fearlessness are the other meanings related to the lion, and indirectly, with a Leo zodiac
Tattoo Designs
sitting lion
As the lion is the symbol of this zodiac sign, it is naturally the most favored design. This design can be made by both, men and women. A lion's head is one of the most popular design, closely followed by the roaring lion. But, other images depicting an angry lion, a peaceful lion, a sleeping lion, a lion (or lioness) with her cubs, etc., can be made.
winged lion
Secondly, you can go for designs inspired from other art and cultures like the tribal lion, the Celtic lion, the Egyptian lion, etc. Tribal tattoo designs, made in black or darker shades, are very popular because they are comparatively lesser-known. You can make a design inspired from the famous movie 'The Lion King'. With the lion, you simply have endless options for making a tattoo.
The Glyph
A glyph is a specific symbolic design associated with each zodiac sign. The glyph of Leo appears like an inverted 'U', with a coiled head on the left. Alternately, the glyph symbolizes a lion's mane. As the glyph is smaller in size, it can be made by those who wish to have smaller tattoos.
You can even modify this symbol, or personalize it with your name, initials, date of birth, and other designs, to create a unique tattoo design. The head of the glyph, modified into the face of a lion, is a popular design.
Other Designs That Can Be made
modified design
The Gylph can be modified and designed inside a star.
many stars
The Gylph can be designed by adding stars of various sizes.
simple text
Although Leos are artistic, and more often than not, will go for aesthetic designs for tattoos, sometimes, they may choose simple plain text. If your profession, or culture, etc., does not allow you to have a large tattoo, you can consider using texts as tattoo designs. You can either have plain text, or mix and match it with designs or symbols.
Leo tatoo
Other than the simple text 'Leo', sometimes, people have elaborate texts like 'Proud Leo' inscribed around these designs in calligraphic fonts and colors. Now, if you are still confused, and can't decide which is the perfect tattoo design for you, you can have the lion, glyph, and the text together to form a personalized tattoo design.
Other Designs That Can Be Made With Texts
lion tattoos
The text designs can be modified as shown above.
By combining the text and the Gylph.
Six lion heads
Lion symbol tattoo
Set of lion vector
White lion head
Lion zodiac sign
Lion head with antlers
Lion head
Aggressive lion tattoo
Golden lion with wings