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Libra Tattoos

Libra Tattoos
The following article presents some tattoo ideas regarding the zodiac sign of Libra.
Aparna Jadhav
Libra, which is the seventh sign of the zodiac, is derived from the Libra constellation, and is also known as "the scales". One unique feature of this sign is that unlike any other zodiac signs, which are generally represented by people or animals, it is represented by a set of scales. Along with being the unique of all the twelve signs, it is also considered as the youngest of them.
The element of Libra is "air", and is considered to govern many dominant qualities of this sign. Some of the best qualities about a Libra include excellent communication skills, along with great powers of concentration and determination. They are big believers of fairness and justice, and hence, their characteristics match exactly with the scales.
Tattoos are something that many people use as representations of either themselves, something they believe in, or some memories, which they want in life. Thus, people who belong to this zodiac sign, or believe in it, get these tattoos made. Sometimes, people choose this sign, as there are great tattoo designs associated with it.
The number 7, Roman symbol of scales, actual scales, and other conversions of these signs, are some of the significant representations of Libra. Thus, the designs for these tattoos mentioned in the following paragraphs are unique as well as common.
The Scales of Justice
The scales are the main representation of Libra, since they stand for the fair nature of the same. There are a number of designs for these scales, and they are drawn in unique and elegant ways. A woman holding the scales of justice is a common design, but many times, you can also make an angel holding them. These scales can be drawn in small sizes, as well as large sizes, depending on the selected area. There can be Celtic tattoos, which can be drawn as scales to make them look attractive.
Libra tattoos are often inked as scales, since that is the element of Libra, but there can be many other deigns like names and text written with them. Hence, if you want to get the "scales of justice", you can come up with some of your own designs to merge with them, as simple scales look boring and common.
The Glyph
Another very commonly used symbol is the "glyph", which represents the element of justice. It has two parallel lines, but the top line has a semicircle in between. This glyph is commonly used than the scales, as it is small and quite easy to make. You can get it in a variety of sizes, and absolutely anywhere you want. This symbol can also be combined with other designs like angel wings, ribbons, the scales, a woman, flowers, etc. There can be text written along with the glyph, like the qualities in the Libras, names, Greek verses, and many more things. When pictures are accompanied with texts and words, they look even more attractive. The glyph is generally made in black, but sometimes, a colored one can also look very different.
Other Designs
For women, the glyph with flowers and butterflies is a very nice design. A winged angel standing with the scales is also an amazing tattoo design for the back or the arm regions. Libra tattoos for men can be either skulls combined with the glyph and scales, or a Greek God holding the scales of justice. You can customize these tattoos in whichever way you wish to. The number 7 in Roman numbers can also be combined with nautical star tattoos, or simply made individually.
The decorative icon for the zodiac sign Libra.