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Enthralling Compass Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meaning

Compass Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
Varying in size, style, design, and color, compass tattoos are a favorite among many and can be done practically anywhere on the body. These tattoos were once a sailor's trademark; more commonly, the Spanish conquistadors were the first sailors to ink such tattoos. As the ocean was a scary place to be, centuries ago, sailors would get these tattoos as a good luck symbol.
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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
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Why Compass Tattoo?
~ It is believed that getting a compass tattooed on yourself will protect you over rough waters, and you will return home safely. This is one of the most essential reasons why sailors, navy personnel, and fishermen get a compass inked onto themselves.
~ Depending on the design and other elements, these tattoos represent many other meanings. Though there are numerous compass tattoo designs, you can customize them by incorporating some elements to make the design your own; there is nothing more amazing than having a customized tattoo.
~ Also remember, there are many "artists" out there working in tattoo parlors that claim to be the best. Do an extensive research, speak to your friends for a referral, and only then pick an artist to work on your tattoo.
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Compass Tattoo Meanings
  1. Provide protection and security
  2. Much-needed guidance
  3. Sense of direction
  4. Always finding a way home
  5. Beacon of hope
Other than that, a star compass tattoo is also quite popular among men and women. It represents the North Star, which is the most reliable source for finding directions. Before humankind made maps and had advanced technology, people traveling by land or sea would rely on the North Star to provide them the right direction.

Many people believe that every tattoo has to have some sort of "deep meaning" behind it. Although it may be true with certain concepts, as is with compass tattoos, it isn't the case with all. So, if you like a tattoo truly for its artistic appeal, it's perfectly normal to not associate a meaning or a reason for getting it inked.
As there is no dearth of designs, you can choose to get a compass tattoo inked as is, or draw other design elements alongside. Ultimately, the decision will rest entirely in your hands. Once you have finalized an experienced tattoo artist (check his/her portfolio to get a good idea), consult him/her for design suggestions and placement ideas. Apart from the actual design, the placement of a tattoo also makes a huge difference on how it looks.
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