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What Does a Dandelion Tattoo Really Symbolize?

What Does a Dandelion Tattoo Symbolize?
A dandelion is one of those elements that reminds us of the innocence and freedom we experienced during childhood. The reason most tattoo lovers opt for inking this tattoo is the fact that there are various symbolic interpretations of this flower.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Vector of spring background with white dandelion.
There is a very famous quote associated with the dandelion, "Every breath is a second chance." Most people get it inked along with this design, signifying that life is not about yesterday or tomorrow, it's about today. A dandelion can be interpreted in various ways. It has emotional, spiritual, and even certain religious aspects associated with it. You see, this flower is unique in itself with various seedlings that come together to form one flower. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this is one of those symbols that can be interpreted in as many ways as its seedlings! Or, in other words, this flower reflects the many elements of life, which come together and make life worthwhile.
Dandelion tattoos are perhaps our means to reconnect with our innocent past, and connect with a future that promises the fulfillment of all our present wishes. It is ideal for those who wish to just live in the moment, let go of all that is past, and allow the breeze to take them to a life that gives freedom from all the emotional and physical bondage that allows us to be free!
What Does it Mean to Have a Dandelion Tattoo?
An amazing thing about this tattoo design is that it is multifaceted. Which means, if you don't connect with the religious aspect of it, you would definitely connect with the spiritual one. Many creative tattooers have modified and evolved some amazingly inspirational dandelion designs. These are typically done with black ink, but many people also add color to their tattoo, just to give it a more refreshing appeal. The following are the different symbolic interpretations of this popular design.
Dandelions blowing in the wind,Pretty pierced navel
A popular design associated with this meaning is of the seedlings of the flower transforming into birds. It depicts that not all blows of life take you down; at times, they also give you the opportunity to free yourself from the emotional bondage, to actually go out there and find your true self. The seedlings when freed from their bond, take the wind's course and finally become their true self―free birds. If this interpretation appeals to you and you feel that taking a risk, freeing yourself from a cage, has given you the chance to meet yourself in the process, then this option would be perfect for you.
Little fairy dancing on dandelion,Gesture
Passing through the suburbs, looking at the refreshing green fields with bright yellow flowers shining like the sun ... doesn't all this remind you of your childhood? For most of us, those were the best days of our lives with no complications and responsibilities; when we had all the time in the world to play, to chase butterflies, to collect tons of dandelions and make uncountable wishes, even if they included the desire to catch the tooth fairy! The innocence back then would never come back. However, the dandelion tattoo serves the purpose of reminding us of the good memories of the past, the playfulness, joy, and carefreeness that is long gone.
Black silhouette with flying dandelion buds,Girl in denim pants, turned front of the viewer
Before we all went through the experiences that killed our innocence, remember how a blowing dandelion seemed to be the ultimate source of communicating with the power that grants wishes? When we saw the seeds of this wishing flower flying away, it seemed as if our wishes are being sent out to the universe so that they can be fulfilled. This is another aspect of this tattoo design. Most people ink it with a belief that to wish and dream is an important part of life, and in due time, they will come true.
Life's Brevity
Music dandelion flower, vector,Woman legs
You see a bright yellow flower that seems to be a representation of the sun, and the next day, you see a white puff that looks like the moon, which when blown disperses its seeds in the surrounding like stars in the sky. A dandelion is inked by many to remind themselves that life is short; you're here today and you'll be gone tomorrow. So, in the process, just appreciate every blessing that comes your way, and live each and every moment of it. You can't change what has already happened, you never know where the future will take you, but you have today. Just live it!
Letting Go
Black silhouette with flying dandelion buds,Redhead bride with romantic bun,Fairy.
They say that the secret to happiness is nothing but good health and bad memory! At times, most of the complications in life arise because we simply cannot let go of the past. We hold on to things, thoughts, memories, or people who have hurt us. Hence, we do not experience spiritual freedom and feel tied to the negative aspects of life, as if trapped! We need a reminder, an inspirational reminiscence to let go of things that don't help us in any way, and start something new and delightful. A dandelion is definitely one of those reminders.
Good Luck
Dandelion flowers on white background,Redhead bride with romantic bun
The dandelion is considered to bring good luck and prosperity. In fact, there is also a famous superstition associated with it: If you add a dandelion to a wedding bouquet, it provides luck to the newly married couple. Not only this, legend and folklore have many other positive aspects associated with this amazing flower. For instance, some believe that rubbing yourself with these flowers brings luck in the form of appreciation and being welcomed everywhere you go. Getting a tattoo of the yellow dandelion flower is associated with luck in wealth as well.
Fairy,Dandelions blowing in the wind,Girl in denim pants, turned front of the viewer
Most superstitions also indicate this wishing plant to have magical powers. Not only is it associated with wishes and desires, it is said that the dandelion also has the power to increase one's psychic abilities. On the other hand, it is believed that this flower acts as a passage that allows one to communicate with spirits. While some of us may consider it to be spooky enough, those who are able to connect with this side of this design, don't hesitate to get themselves inked with it.
Christ's Sacrifice
Black silhouette with flying dandelion buds,Perfect women body
In Christianity, a dandelion is a symbolic representation of Jesus Christ's love and self-sacrifice for us humans. The short-lived time on earth, the radiance and simplicity that attracted the world, the power to make people experience joy, and diminishing oneself for the sake of others so that they live in hope and peace―all these aspects remind us of our savior Jesus Christ, who didn't even hesitate to die to save us sinners. Because of these and many other aspects, this symbol is of significant importance theologically..
A tattoo is not merely a design inked on the skin for aesthetic purposes. It is a reflection of your beliefs. Which is why, before getting inked, it is very important for the person to know the intricacies of the chosen design, which in this case is the dandelion. It must now be evident to you that this flower tattoo gives you not one, but many reasons to opt for it. Another point to be noted is the placement of the tattoo. If you are not getting it done for religious purposes, one of the most popular placements is on the lower belly, at the side. Most women choose this spot to display their youthfulness, playful nature, and coquetry. On the other hand, men and women who ink it for an emotional reason, tend to ink it on their upper back or above their chest. So, yes, it is the meaning and purpose of the design that helps you decide the placement. Popular spots are ankles, arms, wrists, upper back, lower back, lower belly, full back, and feet.
It wouldn't be wrong to say that the dandelion is a way to symbolize one's life and the ups and downs that come with it. In the midst of the grassy meadows, a dandelion stalk stands tall, displaying to the world its beautiful radiant glow. This represents our struggle to make a mark in this world, to stand tall and high in life, irrespective of what may come. And then, when the harsh winds and storms blow against this delicate flower, its seedlings go with the wind, only to find a place where they can find nourishment and grow back again in abundance. Through its life, the dandelion teaches us many things. What appealed to you the most? Why would you get yourself inked with it? Post your comments to let us know!