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This Advice on Choosing the Right Tattoo Machine is a Must-see

Advice on Choosing the Right Tattoo Machine
Choosing the right tattoo machine is very essential for a tattoo artist, because it is the main equipment with the help of which he is going to earn a name, fame, as well as money. Therefore, ThoughtfulTattoos thought of sharing some advice on choosing the right tattoo machine for the artist in you.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017
Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good.

-Author Unknown
The two things that make tattoos 'good' is the skill of the artist and his equipment. As a tattoo artist, the tattoo machine is your paintbrush and human skin is your canvas. Even if you have the best skills, you still need to have the right tools to produce quality work, and everybody knows that 'quality comes at a price'.

Therefore, you should not be worried when a good tattoo machine sets you back by $100-$150. In the long run, it will help you emerge a clear winner, and your work will speak for itself.

In this ThoughtfulTattoos article, we give you a few tips that will help you choose the best tattoo machine to help you achieve success in your craft.
Things to Consider Before Buying a Tattoo Machine
Tattoo machine
Choose an Appropriate Size and Shape
► You will have to hold the tattoo machine many times in a day, and sometimes even for extended time periods. If the machine is heavy or too big for you, then handling it will become a daily chore.

► The design of the tattoo can be very intricate sometimes; you will be required to turn and twist your hand many times according to the requirement of the design. Therefore, it is very essential that you choose a machine that is comfortable in your hand.

► The bottom line is, you need to find the right machine, so that hitches or mistakes can be avoided, and good quality tattoos can be made. I would say that if you know a particular machine very well and are used to it, only then resort to ordering it online. Otherwise, if you are a first-timer, don't buy the machine without looking at it in person, and holding or moving it several times.

► You can also ask your friends, research online, and read reviews and feedback of users. Do everything that will help you to take an informed decision.
Select the Best Quality Material
► Along with your search for that one machine which fits in your hand comfortably, you will also have to simultaneously look for sturdiness. A good machine is that which is made up of strong material, so that it doesn't break while using. Tattoo guns are usually made of conductive materials, like iron, brass, and copper.

► If by any chance you use an inferior quality gun which breaks while using, you could cause irreversible damage to the customer's skin, as well as lose your reputation. You will be identified as someone who is negligent about your customer's care and safety.

► Therefore, before you make any purchase, it is very essential to ensure that the tattoo machine is of the strongest quality. You main aim should always be to provide only the best quality service to the customers.
Different Guns for Different Tasks
► The next thing that you need to consider is the selection of appropriate needles for different tasks. If you are making an outline or doing lining work, you have to use a specific type of needle, which will be different from the ones used for shading. Even in shading, there are various types, like soft shading, solid coloring, tribal black solid work, etc.

► You have to make sure that you have diverse machines with different settings, only to be used for a specific purpose. All the professional top-rated tattoo artists believe that in order to avoid errors, excellent quality tattoo machines with distinctive settings should be used instead of one hybrid machine. The reason being, the setting for a liner would have different gaps, spring length, tension, and speed parameters as compared to the settings used for shading.

► It may also happen that if you use a liner for shading, you may damage the skin as well as the machine in many ways. The liner runs very fast, therefore, if you shade with the same configuration, it can cause bleeding. The machine will also overheat, the contact screw may get worn out faster, and the result you'll get is an erratic-running machine.

► Sometimes, it happens that when beginners want to start their enterprise, and do not have enough capital in hand, they resort to buying hybrid machines that will be able to do all tasks. By doing this, you may be able to make a quick buck, but in the long run, this method is not going to work. It is a pitfall which newbies should avoid like the plague.
In summation, I can only say that since a tattoo artist works with human skin, he/she simply cannot afford to take chances. Even slight negligence on your part could cost the customer his health. Always remember to sterilize every equipment that is going to be re-used. Although this point does not pertain to the topic of discussion, it is very essential.