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How to Tattoo Your Eyes

How to Tattoo Your Eyes

The trend of changing the whites of the eyes to a different color started in prisoner. Though it may seem cool to a few, this is a dangerous form of tattooing that is likely to put one at a risk of eye problems. This write-up provides information on how it's done and the risks associated with this practice.
Smita Pandit
Tattooing is an age-old custom that involves puncturing the skin and inserting ink into dermis, which is the second layer of the skin, for etching a design on the body. While getting yourself inked is a great way to make a fashion statement, it holds a lot of significance in the lives of tattoo enthusiasts. Unfortunately, some individuals have taken it to an extreme by getting the whites of their eyes tattooed. In 2008, a Canadian body artist and 'body modification collector' named Pauly Unstoppable got light blue ink injected into the sclera of both his eyes. This trend found its way into the prisons. In 2010, two cell inmates, David Boltjes and Paul Inman, got the color of the sclera (whites of the eyes) changed.

Sclera Tattooing

The MSNBC's documentary 'Lockup' showed how two inmates, Paul Inman and David Boltjes, had the color of the whites of their eyes changed. Paul Inman showed off his blue eyes, whereas David Boltjes had the whites of his eyes changed into a blood red. Both of them agreed that this procedure was painful. So, how is this procedure performed?
  • Lidocaine drops are instilled in order to numb your eyelids before the procedure.
  • Pigment or the ink is then injected under the top layer of the eye using a syringe.
  • Antibiotic drops are instilled into the eyes after the procedure.
How does that make you feel? It does sound scary. If you want to change the whites of your eye into red or blue, 40 injections would be required. Getting 40 injections in the eyes is frightening. So, if you are really considering this just for the sake of fun or looking different, you can find several ways to look cool that are actually not detrimental to your health.

Safety Concerns

The practice of corneal tattooing is not new, and such procedures were earlier used to cover corneal scars. However, with the development of contact lenses, such procedures are no longer required. Such defects can easily be covered using contact lenses. Having ink injected into your eyes could cause eye problems such as infection, perforation, hemorrhaging of the cornea, or even blindness. Eye specialists also warn of the impending risk of allergic reactions anytime in future. The pigment or the ink that may have been used could even cause inflammation. Those who are very keen on getting ink injected into their eyes must understand that eyes are very delicate. The practice of injecting the eye with ink is risky and must be avoided. Pathogens could enter your eye and cause acute inflammation of the internal layers of the eye.

You might find this form of body modification different, but think of your eyes first. You must never attempt to inject ink into your eyes on your own. Don't play with your eyes. It will be better if you try safe ways to look cool. After all, health is wealth!