Butterfly Tattoo Designs That are More Than Just Beautiful

Butterfly tattoo design and symbolism
There are so many tattoo designs to choose from that no one can blame you for being confused about making a decision. A tattoo is a permanent marking that needs a lot of thought put into it, before finalizing the artwork. It is also important to consider the meaning and symbolism of the design you are choosing.
Tattoos are a centuries old tradition of staining one's skin with permanent ink, which started off quite plainly but is now a technique of breathtaking art for those who opt for elaborate, well inked work. There are a bunch of techniques that first timers can try out, with numerous designs to choose from. If you're already aware of how tattooing works, and what is involved, then all you have to do is pick out an art piece from the many designs featured here, or come up with something unique all together, by using the suggestions as inspiration.
We'll also take a look at an interesting technique of tattooing that you can try out, especially if you want to know what it's like to have a tattoo that is not permanent. Try it out though, so that you get the feel of having a tattoo. This technique in particular is known as temporary transfer tattooing.

Good question; a temporary tattoo is a procedure of placing a pretend-art piece on your skin, without actually undergoing the process of permanent inking. This is how it is done - what is usually involved in this technique - the back of a sheet of paper, the front of the sheet, a protective sheet made from plastic, ink and glue. Using the front of the sheet, the artist first places the image upon this layer using a coating, where the ink is used to imprint the image you want onto this. Then comes in the glue, which is applied over the image, after which the plastic is then placed atop this, to protect what's beneath. I'm sure when you were a kid, you collected tattoos that came in chewing gum wrappers, where you'd have to moisten the back of the image so that it sticks onto your skin like a tattoo.
Airbrush Tattooing
This interesting method uses spray paint to cover a stencil of an image you like, where it can look just as realistic as the real deal. The best way to know if you're ready for one, is to sport a temporary tattoo instead and then decide upon whether the artwork is something you can have on for life. This is done by the artist carefully placing a stencil against a person's skin layer and then having the tattoo sprayed on.
Another important factor about tattooing that is just as pondered about carefully as the design, is its placement. Be sure to choose an area of your body that is either well-hidden (for professional reasons), or aesthetically pleasing to look at. Avoid areas like the underside of your upper arm, palms, chest area, butt cheeks, facial region, inner thighs, front/back of the feet, and private areas. The best place to have it placed is the shoulder region, front of the arm, forearm, calves, lower corners of the abdomen, lower back, nape of the neck, and the dead center of your back.
Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Designs
Simple Butterfly Tattoo Designs
Let those creative juices flow, and opt for colorful interpretations of the butterfly, with hues that are unique to your tattoo. Tribal designs can be manipulated and designed in a way that can really bring out the beauty of your art piece, where feminine or masculine intricacies can be incorporated as well. Tattoos are a great way to shout out what it is you are trying to convey, or silently express something that is deep and meaningful in its message. A butterfly symbolizes a lot of things besides being a pretty creature of nature. Look into how you can turn an ordinary butterfly design into one that you will love every time you look at it. Be smart when picking out a design, since once you have it inked, it's a bond made forever.