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Unique Ideas for Lip Tattoos That are Ridiculously Intriguing

Lip Tattoo Ideas
Are you keen on getting a lip tattoo? Would you like to get a lip print design or get a tattoo inside your inner lip? Here are some amazing lip tattoo ideas that will help you make the decision properly.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
As the desire of getting a tattoo increases, so do the introduction of new designs. With more and more people pushing the boundaries, there's no surprise that lip tattoos are becoming popular each day. These tattoos are eye-catchy and require an experienced set of hands. Any tattoo, regardless of size, pattern, and design needs to be done by an artist who can sketch really well. Depending on that, you can be sure that your lip tattoo will be as edgy as you dreamed it would be.

There are two different types of lip tattoos - one, a set of lips tattooed on your body, and two, tattoos/designs inked inside the lips. In the article, we have provided both types of tattoo ideas for you look at. So read the information carefully before you make your decision.
Lip Print Tattoos
Both men and women are getting lip prints inked on themselves as the designs look sensual. There is no gender bias here as the design doesn't really define who prefers to ink them more. Plus, with so many placement options like hips, neck, wrist, foot, abdomen, and shoulder blades, a lot of people are getting tattoos of lips on their bodies.
Lip Designs
Tattoos on Inner Lip
Getting a tattoo inked inside the lower or upper lip sounds a bit scary. However, there are lots of teenagers and 20-somethings who are taking a bold step towards redefining tattoos as we view them today. While pushing the boundaries seems to be the theme for these tattoos, why don't we look at the design options as well.
Zodiac Designs
Mustache Designs
Heart Designs
Key Designs
Bow Designs
Important Information Regarding Lip Tattoos
These tattoos last for approximately one to five years, depending on the skills and expertise of the tattoo artist you choose. It is essential to understand that tattoos done on any part of the body are going to hurt. Which is why, this location won't be an exception. The difference would lie in the amount of pain experienced. The pain quotient will vary from person to person.
Since there is some degree of pain associated with these tattoos and because they fade rather quickly, you will need to make a decision depending on all these factor involved. Also, if you are suffering from herpes or any other oral/skin infection, it is advisable not to opt for such a tattoo as it can lead to further health issues.
Getting a lip print tattoo on a particular part of the body is quite common now. However, when we talk about getting the inside of your lip inked, that's a whole different matter. Albeit, the location is unique and the tattoo won't be visible to others, unless you choose to show it to them. So consult an experienced tattoo artist who has done such tattoos before and knows what he/she is doing. Also, following proper aftercare instructions should be followed religiously. So think carefully as to which type of tattoo you'd like to proceed with.
Butterfly line art tattoo
Silhouette of dragonfly tattoo
Colored butterflies
Vampire lips
Sexy vampire lips
Tattooed girl with heart shape
Christian cross tattoo design
Feline head tattoo