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Wrist Tattoos for Girls That are Eye-catching and Tantalizing

Wrist Tattoos for Girls
Hey girls, thinking of having a tattoo on your body, but can't decide where and which design to opt for? Then, wrist is the best place for you to start with the fun of tattooing. Star tattoos look very beautiful. You can use different size and patterns in tattoos of stars to suit your wrist size. It could be a single star or a line or cluster of stars pattern wrapped around the wrist.
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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Tattoo is a body art that has become very popular in recent years. Though tattoos were not socially acceptable few years back, now they have gained worldwide acceptance. The craze for tattoos among women, has grown exceptionally. Wrist is one of the most popular body part where girls love to get a tattoo inked. This is mainly because wrist is a visible part of our body.
Most girls don't leave their wrist bare and completely utilize it to add a unique fashion element to their appearance. Wearing wrist jewelry to give the right finishing touch to a stylish attire is something that girls would hardly miss out. With wrist tattoos, girls can have a permanent accessory to spice up their looks. Well, here are some designs ideas on wrist tattoos for girls, and tips on things to consider before getting one inked on the wrist.
Placement Options for Wrist Tattoos
place it here inner wrist bracelet tattoo outer wrist
There are three basic placement options which you can consider while getting a wrist tattoo. Inner wrist is the most popular placement area for wrist tattoos. This placement ensures that the tattoo is not highly visible, but enough noticeable as well. Moreover it can be easily kept hidden if you don't want to show it off.

Top side of the wrist is an option that is known to be the most daring, as a tattoo inked on this area is high visible. Choosing the right size and design is extremely important for this type of tattoo as it will be easily visible.

Getting a tattoo which will completely wrap around the wrist is a popular trend among girls. This style is also known as a wristband style or a bracelet tattoo design that encircles entire wrist. This is a fave of girls as it gives a chance to ink most feminine tattoo designs like charms bracelets, flowers or knot bands.
Wrist Tattoo Designs
tribal tattoos
Getting a tribal tattoo design inked on your wrist is a great idea. These designs can be sized, shaped and drawn in a way that fits just perfectly over your wrist. Tribal tattoos, which were highly popular among the male class, are now becoming a favorite of ladies too.
lettering tattoos
A single word or phrase makes a great looking tattoo design. What else other than words or phrases can give you the opportunity to express yourself. It can be a word that gives you inspiration, something much important to you that will raise awareness or something as simple as the initials of your loved one. You can have them on the inner side of your wrist or have it as a bracelet tattoo.
floral tattoos
Flower patterns are best picks for feminine designs. A combination of flowers that wrap around the wrist will make a cute bracelet tattoo design. Curvy lines of vine tattoo or intertwined lines paired with small flowers will make lovely flower tattoo design. A simple flower design like that of a lotus or a rose, filled with nice colors can be a good design for inner wrist tattoos. Combining ribbons and bows with floral designs can also make a wonderful wrist tattoo for girls.
Things To Consider Before Getting a Tattoo
You should be sure not only about the design and the artist, but about the idea of getting a tattoo itself before you step into a tattoo studio, so that you don't have to think of tattoo removal later. If you consider the size of your wrist, then you know that anything too complicated should be ruled out. This is a common mistake done with wrist tattoos.

Often people try to fit too much in this space and they become totally messy. If you select the right size even a simple tattoo design or a simple word can say a lot more and look better than a massive picture. One of the benefits of a small tattoo design is that you'll find it easier, to hide it with a bracelet or a wrist watch whenever required.

Choosing the right professional is the most important factor in the process of getting a tattoo inked on your wrist. A skilled tattoo artist will suggest you a lot of designs, work the best on your choice and suggestions, and give you the desired final output. Ask your tattoo artist about proper tattoo aftercare so that it lasts for a long time and looks best on your skin.

Having a wrist tattoo, however has a few drawbacks. If your workplace doesn't allow visible tattoos, you might have to keep away those outfits having short sleeves and always opt for outfits with full sleeves. Wrist is also considered to be one of the painful areas while tattooing, as there is lack of muscle and fat which normally cushions the needles.

Moreover, tattoos inked on this area might take longer to heal. They need a higher level of initial maintenance. If you get one, following the tattoo care instructions given by your tattoo artist is a must. Remember that tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself and hence, you must take enough time to decide on a design and its placement.
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