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Industrial Piercing Aftercare

Industrial Piercing Aftercare

Industrial piercings are quite the rage amongst young people these days. But care should be taken, since it is a long, slow, and painful process. This article will tell you all about the care to be taken after getting your ears pierced.
Anannya Saikia
Industrial piercing can be defined as a type of ear piercing where two pierced holes are connected with a single, straight piece of jewelry. However, it typically refers to the double perforation of the upper ear cartilage. In this type of body piercing, two piercings are made, where one is located almost near the head; it is called an orbital piercing. The other piercing is located further down the cartilage, i.e., on the opposite side of the ear; it is called an helix piercing. A straight barbell is then tucked in through the first piercing, and secured with a screw-on bead behind the second hole.

An industrial piercing gives a distinctive look, which is less loud as compared to some other types of body piercings. So once you are done with your piercing, make sure you are taking care of it, or it may lead to an infection.

There are different types of body piercings, each have their own precautionary methods. You should take proper care after you have done a piercing. Here is what you can do.
  • Wash your hands well with soap, as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Get a q-tip and wet it with warm water. Now gently remove the crust which forms around the holes of your piercing.
  • Take some anti-bacterial soap and get into the shower. Also remember to bring a mirror with you.
  • Work up a lather and apply the soap gently all over the piercing.
  • Let the soap sit for about one minute before you rinse it. Use the mirror that you brought along and move your piercing up and down, but not from side to side. You should be very careful while doing this.
  • Do not put your ear directly under the open tap because the force with which the water comes out might irritate and exacerbate the swelling. Rinse it off by taking the water in your hand and splashing it gently on your ear.
  • Now you can carry on with your bathing, but make sure that you don't get shampoo into your piercing when you wash your hair. After you finish your shower, dry your ear with a paper towel and not with a regular one, because regular towels can be home to millions of bacteria, and the fibers in the towel can also pull the piercing.
  • Use salt spray or a sea salt soak for about three to five minutes a day on the piercing. Spray it after you get out of the shower, and also, throughout the day.
Precautions to Be Taken
Extra care should be taken while sleeping at night because the pressure of your ear on the pillow may irritate the piercing and cause it to swell and get inflamed. This may lead to pain. Industrial piercing healing differs from person to person, depending on their health and whether they follow a proper aftercare routine or not. The first fourteen days of the healing process are very crucial, so be careful and avoid touching the pierced area, except for cleaning. Take about Vitamin C and zinc supplements to help fasten the healing.

Make sure that you go to a professional piercer to get your ear(s) pierced, because that way, you can be sure of a clean and hygienic environment. So, as long as you remember to keep the area of piercing clean, and take good care of it, you will have a nice piercing that will last a lifetime.
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