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Types of Facial Piercings That are Timelessly Cool

Types of Facial Piercings
A style statement, aesthetics, or a part of cultural heritage, there are many reasons why a person might want to get a facial piercing done.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Did you know?
The record for the most number of facial piercings is held by Axel Rosales of Argentina (according to the Guinness World Records 2013). He has an astounding 280 piercings on his face.
Puncturing or perforating any body part to adorn it with jewelry is called piercing. It is an art that has been in practice since ancient times. In some cultures, facial piercing or body piercing is a part of tradition. Piercings are done for various reasons, ranging from religious and spiritual to purely aesthetic ones. All types of piercings require aftercare to minimize risk of scarring and infection. Of all piercings, facial piercings are the most popular.
Eyebrow Piercing
Eyebrow piercing is a type of surface piercing which is gaining a lot of popularity. As the position of the stud is not fixed, you can experiment with the placement of the piercing. This type of piercing generally takes six to eight weeks to heal. Barbells, rings, and hoops are common jewelry choice for eyebrow piercing.
horizontal and vertical eyebrow piercing
Horizontal eyebrow piercing is done horizontally along the line of the eyebrow, above the upper brow ridge. While the vertical eyebrow piercing is the most common eyebrow piercing style, where the piercing is done vertically, through the ridge of the eyebrow.
anti-eyebrow piercing
The anti eyebrow piecing is done on the upper cheekbone, just below the eye.
Nose Piercing
Nose piercing is one of the most common facial piercings. In some Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, nose piercing is regarded as a part of tradition. Healing time for nose piercings range from about three to six months. Nostril piercing has to be cleaned regularly as there are very high chances of infection. Rings, studs and barbells are the most popular jewelry for such piercings.
nostril piercing and septum piercing
Nostril piercing is the most common and popular form of nose piercing is nostril piercing. It is done on the left or right side of the nose. Whereas, the septum piercing is a less common form of piercing, where the piercing is done on the soft cartilage that separates the nostrils. It is also called bull nose piercing.
bridge piercing and high nostril piercing
Bridge piercing is done on both sides of the bridge of the nose, it is known as bridge piercing. Barbells are commonly used as jewelry. On the other hand, high nostril piercing is similar to a nostril piercing. Only the site of piercing is a little higher than conventional nostril piercing.
Nasallang piercing and vertical nose tip piercing
Nasallang piercing, three different points of the nose is pierced, the left nostril, the right nostril and the septum. A single piece of barbell jewelry is used for such a piercing. While the vertical nose tip piercing is done through the inside of the nostrils and tip of the nose. It is also known as the rhino piercing.
Lip Piercing
Lip piercings are done on the lips or in the area surrounding the lips. Depending upon the position of the piercing, different names are given to these piercings. Lip piercing is usually done with a 16 or 14 gauge surgical steel flatback barbell. Such piercings can take anywhere between two to four months to fully heal.
monroe piercing and medusa piercing
Monroe piercing is done on left hand side of the upper lip, slightly off-center. While the Medusa piercing is done just above the cupid bow of the lip is known as Medusa piercing.
monroe piercing and medusa piercing
Madonna piercing is done on the right hand side of the upper lip, slightly off-center. The site of Labret piercing is just opposite to Medusa piercing, i.e. it is done below the center of the lower lip.
jestrum piercing and horizontal lip piercing
Horizontal lip piercing goes directly through the lower lip. It is one of the rarest piercings to be done. While the Jestrum piercing is done to the upper lip is pierced, just above the Cupid's bow. It is usually adorned with a curved barbell and the lower part of the barbell is curved under the upper lip.
vertical labert piercing
Vertical Labret piercing is done vertically, directly through the lip. In this piercing, both ends of the stud are seen.
Bites refer to two piercings done on either side of the lip or at the top and bottom. They look like insect bites, hence the name.
angel bites piercing and canine bites piercing
snakebites piercing and dolphin bites piercing
shark bites piercing and cyber bites piercing
dahlia piercing and spider bites piercing
Other Facial Piercings
chin piercing
Chin piercing is piercing done on the chin. The healing time for chin piercing differs from person to person. Studs are the most common jewelry used. While cheek piercings are often done to fake a dimple. They can be done on one or both cheeks. Cheek piercings take six to eight weeks to heal.
Ear Piercing
Ear piercings are not strictly facial piercings, as they are not on the face. However they are quite popular. There are more than 10 different types of ear piercings!
Ear Lobe Piercing
Ear lobe piercing is extremely common and has been prevalent since centuries. Ear lobe piercing can be done on both ears or one ear. Healing time for such piercing is six to eight weeks.
Helix Piercing
Helix piercing is done on the outer ridge, on the upper part of the ear (generally the cartilage). Helix piercing can take six to eight months to heal.
Industrial Piercing
Piercing done on the upper part of the ear, from one cartilage to the other, is called industrial piercing. The two piercings are connected with a single barbell. Six to twelve months are required for an industrial piercing to heal. It can be quite painful, so extra care has to be taken.
Rook Piercing
Rook piercing is done in the inner upper part of the ear, namely the anti-helix. Rook piercing can hurt a lot as the flesh at the anti-helix is thick. Rook piercing takes four to nine months to heal.
Daith Piercing
For daith piercing, the inner cartilage, below the rook, is pierced. Daith piercing is uncommon. The healing time for daith piercing may vary from seven to twelve months. It is commonly pierced with sixteen gauge surgical steel captive bead ring.
Tragus Piercing
Tragus piercing is placed on the outer ear, which projects in front of the ear canal. It take about four to twelve months to heal.
Anti-Tragus Piercing
Anti-tragus piercing is done opposite the tragus, i.e. the cartilage inside the ear just above the ear lobe. Anti-tragus piercings can take about a year to heal.
Conch Piercing
Conch piercing got its name from the conch shell. This piercing is done in two locations, namely, inner conch and outer conch. The outer conch is done on the outer rim of the ear, above the ear lobe. The location of the inner conch piercing is at the center of the ear. It takes around a year for such piercings to heal.
Other Piercings
Tongue Piercing
Tongue piercings are gaining popularity and such piercings are generally placed in the middle of the tongue. Barbells are used as jewelry for tongue piercing. Tongue piercing has to be done by a professional piercer, or the probability of infection increases.
Smiley Piercing
Smiley piercing is done inside the upper lip, on the thin connective tissue above the gums. This piercing is given the name smiley since it is visible only when you smile. Healing time ranges from six to eight weeks.
Frowny Piercing
Frowny piercing is done inside the mouth, on the web connected to the lower lip. It is not easily visible.
Uvula Piercing
Uvula piercing is not exactly a facial piercing, as it is not on the face. Uvula piercing is done on the uvula, that is the oral cavity, near the soft palate. Captive beads rings are commonly used as jewelry. Studios where uvula piercing are done are few.
Things to Remember
Facial piercings should be done only by a professional piercer and with the help of a piercing needle, not a gun.
One common problem with facial piercings is migration. Migration means the act of rejection of the piercing. If the piercing does not suit the skin, it either pushes it out or in. If migration occurs, it is always better to take off the jewelry than wait for it to be pushed out.
Piercings have to be cleaned regularly with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Refrain from touching the skin around the piercing as this might lead to infections.
If you are unable to remove the piercing, it is best to visit the piercer.
Do not change the jewelry of any piercing as soon as the wound has healed. Keep the same jewelry for at least two weeks after the healing process.
With any kind of piercing, whether facial or body, aftercare is really important. It is also vital that you do not tug or pull the piercing, as it might lead to infections.
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