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Types of Lip Piercings

Types of Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are gaining popularity all across the globe. There are different types of lip piercings that are becoming popular day by day among both guys and girls. Do you wish to know what options you have when it comes to getting a lip piercing done?
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
During the ancient times, lip piercings were very commonly found among the tribes of Africa and South America. Lip piercing is a type of body piercing that is done around the lips. As it is, the piercing doesn't take place on the lip itself but it occurs in the nearby area or the lip lining. Do you personally know anyone who has a lip piercing? Well, my sister has a lip piercing and I know how long it took for her to heal. If you are planning to go for a lip piercing, then make sure that you visit an experienced piercing artist who will take proper hygienic measures to pierce your lips. Another concern would be the pain, as your lips and the inner tissues are very sensitive and can pain like crazy! If you can't wait to get one on yourself, then the following paragraphs discuss the different types of lip piercings, and how are they a unique symbol in their own way!

Kinds of Lip Piercings

If you think of it technically, the piercing is just the same, I mean all you need to do is get a hole on either part of the lip and wear a ring or a labret to accessorize your look! The names and the invention of the different types of lip piercing is based on the location and the kind of jewelry piece worn on the piercing. The different types of lip piercings mentioned below can help you decide what kind of lip piercing should you go for!

Madonna Lip Piercing
The name defines it all, doesn't it? Remember the mole Madonna had on her upper lips? That is exactly the location where you need to get your lips pierced! This type of lip piercing is also known as the Marilyn Monroe piercing based on her famous mole. If you decide to get Madonna piercing then you will have to wear labret studs on them, which trust me, look amazingly sexy! The risks involved in this type of lip piercing is that there are chances of tooth or gum damage because of the constant rubbing of the jewelry against them. This piercing takes about 4-12 weeks to heal and should be taken care of until completely healed.

Medusa Lip Piercing
Also known as philtrum piercing, this piercing is done in the philtrum, which is the vertical groove located at the center of the upper lip, right below the tip of your nose! Just like the nose piercing, the placement of the medusa piercing is of prime importance as even a little placement here and there can ruin the absolute look of this piercing! This piercing too, would have to be teamed with labret studs and just like the Madonna piercing, this one also involves the risk of tooth and gum damage. It takes about 4-12 weeks to heal.

Labret Lip Piercing
A labret lip piercing is the piercing at the center of the lower lip, just parallel to the medusa piercing that takes place on the upper lip! This lip piercing style is the most popular one among all the others. The best part about this type of piercing is that you can not only wear a labret stud, but you can also wear a circular bar or even a ring (if the piercing is not far down). Again, there is a risk involved in this lip piercing. The rubbing of the jewelry while eating or talking can cause a permanent damage to the lower gums and teeth. So, you must be very careful and patient while it heals within a time period of 4-12 weeks!

Snakebites Lip Piercing
How does a snakebite look? There are two dots at the same level on both the sides, right? Similarly, a snakebite lip piercing consists of two different lip piercings at either sides of the lower lip! Because of this they are also known as the twin tongue piercing! You can either wear rings or labret studs on these piercings, Both look amazingly unique and stunning! The risks and healing time remains the same as the other lip piercings mentioned above.

Spider Bites Lip Piercing
What is the difference between a snakebite and a spider bite? A spider bite is not as big as a snakebite, right? Similarly, this piercing is also not as big or wide as the snakebite. Like snakebites, even these piercings are done on the lower lips, but are placed together, about at an inch distance, and are done on the side of the lower lip. You can wear circular barbells, or studs. Both would look good depending upon your personal preference. The healing time varies from person to person, with the standard duration of 4 to 12 weeks, and the risk factors of infections and damage remain the same.

Side Lip Piercing
Finally the classy side-lip piercing! My sister has it, and I love it on her. Actually, I think side lip piercing would good look on anyone, don't you think! As the name suggests, the side lip piercing is just the same as the Madonna piercing. The only difference is that it is done on the lower lip. Repeating myself again, the healing time and risks remain the same.

So these are the lip piercings that are setting the trend lately! Because I have already mentioned about the risks involved, it is important to consult with your doctor regarding the same. When it comes to the aftercare, make sure that you avoid smoking and alcohol. Eat food that is not too spicy or sticky, and make sure that you rinse your mouth with mouthwash, and clean the outer piercing with saline solution. Go for the piercing only after you understand all the pros and cons.