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Fake Eyebrow Piercing

Fake Eyebrow Piercing

There are only a very few ways by which a fake eyebrow piercing can be worn without tagging yourself as a poser. Try these simple tips and see if they work for you....
Rohini Mohan
It is not easy to get away with a piercing of any kind, especially if you have really strict or conservative parents. This leaves many youngsters wanting eyebrow piercings with a problematic dilemma. If you are one such teenager stuck in the same catch 22 situation, you might as well think of safer options. If you are really fascinated by eyebrow jewelry, and cannot get a permanent one done just yet, I suggest that you go in for a fake eyebrow piercing. Let your parents know that it's fake and demonstrate so by simply removing the jewelry in front of them. Or the safest option would be to not wear the jewelry around them at all and wear it only when you are comfortable and among friends.

Types of Fake Eyebrow Piercings

Fake Ring Clips
You must always go in for a small ring which has a flexible and clamping clip. The big ones look very odd and stick out in odd directions sometimes. You can get these fake clips from any jewelry shop or piercing shop which sells artificial items as well. Or you could try using fake ear piercing rings on your eyebrow, as these look great as well. The problem lies in the fact that a piercings can be made to look realistic, but it all depends on how well it suits and fits your eyebrow. Do not go in for rings which have designs or colors, as it will cause people to pay more attention on the piece of jewelry.

The Barbell Effect
The entire idea is to make a eyebrow piercing look realistic. One of the simplest ways of making a fake piercing is by using gem stickers, or plain black or silver stickers which are used for making fake body art. You can fix a sticker each on the upper and lower part of the eyebrow so that it looks aligned. The best thing about these stickers is that you can keep changing the colors and suing cooler designs which have peace signs, yin and yang etc.

Metal Art
I know it may seem like too much trouble but in case you wish to sport a piercing for a play or a costume party, you can try a very simple method. What you need to do is get hold of a real metal eyebrow piercing. Make sure that barbell ball has a thick base. Now cut the two balls using a cutting plier. Use some eyelash glue and stick the base of the metal ball onto your skin. It will remain there for a few hours if you do not fiddle with it. This is by far the most realistic way of pretending you have an actual piercing. The second alternative is to use fake or real labret studs or gems, which can be cut and stuck on your skin using glue.

The clips on rings are by far the safest option you have without embarrassing yourself. All other options have very high risk of falling off if the glue doesn't hold. The clip is subtle and easily fools others, into believing it's real. If after trying all these methods the piercing doesn't work out for you, my advice would be that you simply wait, until you're old enough to get one without seeking permission.

When you think about all the efforts put into wearing a fake piece of jewelry, it hardly seems worth it. Secondly piercings are means of self-expression, but if you are not allowed to get a real one there seems no point in faking your, self-expression, now is there?