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Sternum Piercing

The Ultramodern Sternum Piercing for Those Who Love Being Off-beat

Wish to get a sternum piercing, but don't have all the information before you make a decision? Read the ThoughtfulTattoos article to find all there is to know about the piercing.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
There are different types of body piercings that have become popular in recent times. And vertical and horizontal piercing have quickly become one of the most favorite places to get pierced, for men and women. Perhaps you are planning on getting yourself pierced (for the first time or again). If so, then perhaps you would want to keep an eye on this unique piercing.
Location of Your Piercing
The sternum is the flat, long bone in the middle of the chest. It is shaped like the alphabet "T". This is the exact location where your piercing will be placed. This area is not easy to pierce as it is neither flat, hanging, or concave. For the piercing to stay in place, a canal has to be made under the skin. This way, your jewelry will get inserted and stay intact.

Many people have experienced their bodies rejecting the piercing as well. Here, your body does not accept the metal jewelry placed inside, and tries to push it out. Women get this piercing done right between their cleavage; as far as men are concerned, it's done on the top and bottom of the pectorals.
Procedure of the Piercing
The actual procedure doesn't really take that long; it takes about 5 minutes or so. However, the prep time can be a bit more than that. Whichever piercer you choose, make sure that he/she disinfects the tools, jewelry, the piercing area, and his/her hands in front of you. Also, see if the hole marks made on your chest are matching with the jewelry.

Now, similar to any other type of piercing, your piercer will pierce the surface bar in the area marked for piercing. But remember, this can only be done if your skin is flexible at that area. The jewelry needs to get enough support; at least for the first few days. The jewelry as well will be a bit big at the time of piercing. And in a couple of weeks' time, you will have to go back for a smaller, more sexier jewelry. But what many of you must be scared about is, the piercing pain level. As I have mentioned in many of my other piercing articles, the pain level will fluctuate from person to person. Depending on how tolerant you are, the pain would be higher or lower for this one.
Aftercare of Your Piercing
Once you get the piercing done, there are certain care instructions you need to follow. At first the piercing may not be too comfortable to handle and work around. But proper piercing aftercare has to be executed in order to keep the piercing in place. This also helps in the jewelry not rejecting your body.
  • The healing time for your piercing can be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. So the area will be tender and painful to touch in the initial weeks.
  • To avoid infection, make sure you clean the piercing with cotton ball soaked in saline solution every day.
  • While in the shower, lightly lift the jewelry and clean with a saline soaked Q-tip. This will remove all the crusting formed around it.
  • Take a mild soap and clean the jewelry as well and don't touch it often during the day.
  • If there is any bacteria or infection present, the healing time can increase.
  • Don't twist and turn your jewelry for at least 3-4 weeks. Just clean and move it while in the shower.
  • Call your piercer when it's time to remove the old jewelry and replace it with the new one.
The risks of body piercings are many, but with proper care you can turn it in your favor. These piercings look really sexy when they are not infected and clean. So follow the necessary precautionary steps, and get the piercing you've been wanting for so long.
As each generation grows up, it's obvious that they are going to make almost all their decisions without consulting anyone. Growing up, the things that they couldn't do (perhaps their parents didn't approve of it), now is their chance to get exactly what they want. I am talking about getting body piercing and tattoos. The newer generation are finding new locations to get themselves pierced at, and are loving it. As a sign of defiance, freedom, independence, and sex appeal, many piercing fanatics are turning towards the piercing.
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