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Hip Tattoo Pain

Tattoo on the hip can be more painful than the rest of our body as the needle is close to the pelvic bone. Read on to learn about the same...
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Excited about getting a new tattoo? Or do you worry more about the accompanying pain? The excitement is often dulled by the anticipation of pain. The eternal questions of does it pain too much and how painful is tattoo removal in case you want to get rid of it, are always a hindrance in going ahead with your wish to get tattooed. If you are choosing the location of your first tattoo, it is very obvious to think and wonder about the type of design you want. However, the most important factor is deciding the area where you want to be tattooed. Hip tattoos are very popular with girls. Though the pain felt throughout the process of inking is the same on all the body parts, there are certain tender spots or areas that cause more pain than the rest.
Tattoo designs for women usually encompass the entire body although the hip is one of the most popular places that they choose to flaunt. Tattoos are symbols that are representative in nature and usually one chooses a design that conveys or symbolizes your thinking or your personality or your love for something. Tattoos can be entirely subjective. They can also be mere decorative pieces of body art. The designs can be discreetly placed on areas which would usually not show when you dress in a formal way. The placement of the tattoo can be a matter of your choice. You may have the preference of giving only your close ones to see it.
The problem of pain arises because the process is a permanent one, and it requires the ink to be injected under the skin. The level of pain depends largely on the tattoo placement i.e., whether you get inked on the small of your back, which is a flat surface or on your side, which is curved. Areas of the body that do not have fats are subjected to more pain as compared to the areas with fats. But the level of pain experienced varies from person to person. Some report terrible pain which makes them decide against going for any tattoo while some only end up curling their toes and shutting their eyes tight with the pain. Along with pain, there would be an itchy feeling but avoid scratching. This is one of the big no-nos that tattoo artists caution after the procedure. The itching sensation is felt due to the healing process that starts after the procedure. The tattooed area can be sore for a week after it is done.
The crux is not the intensity of pain but your own tolerance level. How long can you stand the pain? It will obviously depend on the design, size of the tattoo plus the intricacies, like the color, shading, etc. Different parts of the body have different amount of nerve endings. Also, men and women experience different pain levels.
Go ahead and get your hip tattooed and do not worry about the pain. It will be worth it if you are really keen on having one.
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