Hip Tattoo Placement

Planning on getting a hip tattoo? If yes, then you may want to know which are the different preferred placement areas and what the different designs that you can opt for are.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
So you are finally over the fear of the needle and permanency that body art or tattoos are synonymous with. The next step for you would be to decide where to get your tattoo and what design to decorate yourself with. While tattoo designs are generally a very personal choice depending on what appeals to you and what experiences in life you want to remember forever, the placement of the same is a decision that depends on many factors. These could include things like whether or not you want to flaunt your tattoo, do you want to get it an area that makes it easy to hide, etc. Keeping all these things in mind, one area that you can definitely opt for while getting a tattoo is the hip area. A hip tattoo ensures that you can show it off when you want and hide it if necessary.
These tattoos are also quite popular among women as this is one area that is considered extremely sensual. While extremely sexy, getting this permanent design on your body can also be quite painful even though it is completely worth it. There are many design options and it is important that you take this decision with care. These tattoos are fast overtaking lower back tattoos in terms of popularity. While it is still very uncommon to opt for hip tattoos due to the pain involved, it is typically a spot for a girl.
A bone projection of the femur, the hip joint is not only the longest but also the strongest bone in the human body. Located at the top of the leg, the hip area is made up of five bone areas and the hip joint is located bang in the center. A popular area to get a tattoo, the problem is that the actual area available is quite small. Therefore, most hip tattoos tend to extend to the abdominal areas. The reason these tattoos are generally painful is because of the low fat or muscle content in the area. Since the needle presses down on the bones and nerves, the process is quite painful.
Many women prefer tiny tattoos that can be shown off subtly while wearing low cut pants or bikinis. You can opt for the front of the hip area or the back. Depending on your aesthetic sensibilities you can opt for designs like flowers, heart, symbols in different scripts, etc.
It is very important to ensure proper care especially when it is healing. Remember that the area is such that it is prone to contact with restrictive clothing. This can interfere with the healing process by rubbing the tattoos and even causing smudging of the ink. Try to wear clothing that will have very little contact with the tattoo. Due to the popularity of hip tattoos, it may be tempting to opt for one, but it is important to think whether or not the design will suit you. You definitely do not want to be stuck with a permanent fixture on your body that you absolutely abhor.
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