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Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo Designs for Women
Provided below are the latest tattoo designs for women. Read the content and view the tattoo images for the details.
Saptakee Sengupta
Tattoos are an age-old art. They have been so, since centuries. Nowadays, flaunting them is considered more as a style symbol or a fad. People love to get inked for various reasons. And hence, there are a number of parlors and salons, which offer this service. Both, men and women, love this art. In this article, you will come across a number of unique tattoo designs for women.
Tattoo Designs by Body Parts
Neck: The symbols are either engraved on the front or back side of the neck. These have become more popular among girls, especially teenagers.

Wrist: They are inked in the form of bracelets and bands. They can either be a string of letters or some symbols representing one's persona.

Armband: They include tribal arm symbols with ethnic designs or Gothic trends.

Sleeve: They certainly uplift the style quotient of a woman, as they look extremely attractive.

Shoulder: Engraving marks on shoulders cannot be overlooked. The cute ones peering from the sleeveless or backless tops look fashionable.
lower back tattoo
wrist tattoos
back tattoo
Ribcage: Getting them is very painful. But the designs are unparalleled, and the placement creates a unique fashion statement.

Lower Back: They extend up to the waistline, and look gorgeous. A huge design covering the back is one of the best forms of body art to flaunt.

Thigh: They will be exposed only when you wear short skirts. A floral creeper extending from thigh to ankle is one of the best designs.

Hip: Getting one on the hips is indeed a daring task, and then, exposing it requires some real guts. Patterns vary, and the pain is also intense. Still, females crave for them.

Ankle & Anklet: Embedding a permanent anklet in the form of a tattoo is not a bad idea. It is more popular among teens and young adults. Aesthetic patterns are mostly adopted by ladies of a higher age group.

Foot: The last part of your body cannot be excluded. The ones on the foot complement well with braided slippers, open sandals, or strapped footwear.
Zodiac Designs
Zodiac Designs
People have been fascinated by zodiac signs and symbols since ages. Today, they have gained a prominence with some unique tattoos containing zodiac symbols specific to the individual. Wearing zodiac symbols is considered very stylish, especially when inked on body parts that are exposed most of the time.

Aquarius: Aquarius
Pisces - Pisces
Aries - Aries
Taurus - Taurus
Gemini - Gemini
Cancer - Cancer
Leo - Leo
Virgo - Virgo
Libra - Libra
Scorpio - Scorpio
Sagittarius - Sagittarius
Capricorn - Capricorn
Cultural Tattoos
cultural tattoo
angel tattoo
cross tattoo
They are specific for a particular religion and tribe. Ethnic ones are considered to be cool for girls. Tribal, Celtic symbols, Japanese art forms, mythological Gods, animals, Hawaiian symbols, and cross designs can be included under cultural symbols. One has to be very sure about the underlying meanings and then get it engraved accordingly.
More Feminine Patterns
star tattoo
heart tattoo
flower tattoo
back tattoo
The simple patterns also add to the feminine glam, like stars, butterflies, fish, are considered cute by teenagers and young girls. They prefer wearing them on ankles, wrist, arms, or even on the neck. Some cute ones for girls are presented below.
I hope you have found out a wide array of tattoo designs for women from this article. Now, it's time to etch that perfect tattoo that you have been longing for.