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Skull Tattoos for Women

Skull Tattoos for Women
Skull tattoos may seem gruesome or scary to some people, but there are those who are patronizers of these tattoo designs. These days, there are a number of women who have taken to these tattoos too.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
Skull tattoos have a number of symbolic interpretations. The most common meaning is that of death and mortality. Although they can seem to have a negative or dangerous image, it not necessarily always so. The number of designs are unlimited, as the skull can be drawn in various ways, and basically it is to each his own. It will eventually depend on the individual to find the right design for herself.
Skull Tattoo Meanings
Skulls and crossed bones do belong to the range of scary tattoos. These can mean that the wearer of the tattoo is not afraid of death. At the same time, she is filled with life and has no time to spare for thoughts about death. For some, it can be an indicator that the skull protects the wearer from death. If the skull tattoo is combined with crosses, roses, and wings, it can represent the fight of the soul, resurrection, and eternity.

To some women, a skull tattoo may have a significant amount of relation to the Grim Reaper. This is the creature who is sent by God to collect the departed souls and accompany them into afterlife. For some, the Grim Reaper is considered the bringer of death or evil. At the same time, there are others who are of the opinion that the Grim Reaper is the neutral line between good and evil.

The other common meaning is that the person likes to live her life on the edge. This is especially true for women who enjoy dangerous sports or hobbies, and who want to depict to the world that they are not afraid of anything. Another connotation is 'mess with me or what is mine, and you will not be spared'. You may want to look at it as an intimidation factor.

Skull tattoos can also mean that the person has a fear of the unknown. On similar lines, they can also be indicators that the future is full of uncertainty. There are others who opine that they can also symbolize change, which was what it mainly depicted in ancient times.
Skull Tattoo Ideas
These days, women also like experimenting, and how can skull tattoos be left behind? One simple advice would be to smoothen out the rough edges, with which the feminine side will be exposed.
  • One of the hot favorites is a banner wrapped around a skull, along with a name printed on the banner.
  • Women who like experimenting to the last level, opt for skull tattoos, which have skulls engulfed with flames.
  • The soft and feminine women who want a skull tattoo, opt for skull tattoos which are combined with flowers. The flowers can range from rose to hibiscus to lilies, etc.
  • Women also opt for skull tattoos, which are combined with smiley's. It is an indicator, that the woman is not afraid of facing the world, but yet is gentle.
  • There are some skull tattoos, which have strange looking googly eyes, cartoon eyes, etc. At the same time, there are some skull tattoo designs which have no eyes but empty sockets.
  • You may opt for skull tattoos surrounded by vines and thorns as well. They mean that you are soft and gentle when required and as hard as a nut to crack at other times.
  • If there is some significant event in your life, which is attached to death, you can also have a Grim Reaper tattoo, along with scythe. There are some people who also write the date on which the event took place.
  • The most popular design among women is, where a skull tattoo is highly decorated with an original blend of colors. The colorful tattoo can mean honoring someone, who has passed away and represent a celebration of that person's life.
  • Cross bone skull tattoo with a black background is one of the many popular skull tattoo designs.
  • Adding pink or purple color or having ribbons smoothens the demonic appeal of the skull tattoos for women. However, if you like tribal tattoos, you will want to keep your skull tattoo black and white.
These tattoos can be placed at a number of places. If you are a biker, you can place it on the sleeves, as it would look great as an armband tattoo. The key is to use a design and location which has a close meaning for you.