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Virgo Tattoos for Women

Believers and followers of astrology can proudly sport their zodiac sign as a tattoo. Presented below are Virgo tattoo designs and ideas for women.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Zodiac tattoo is a perfect option, as these tattoo designs never go out of fashion. Among the 12 zodiac tattoos, here we will see more on Virgo tattoos.
These tattoos are sported by individuals born under the sign, Virgo, i.e., by those born in between 23rd August to 23rd September. The Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by a fair maiden and ruled by planet Mercury. Virgo individuals portray traits of their symbol as they are usually shy, modest, and hardworking. They are also more logical and practical rather than emotional. The word 'Virgo' comes from the word virgin which means pure. It need not refer to sex. The symbol of Virgo is the perfect tattoo design for girls.
Design Ideas
Virgo mermaid tattoo
Virgo glyph maiden tattoo
Virgo glyph abstract art
Virgo abstract tattoo
Zodiac sign Virgo
Virgo sign in female form
Virgo tattoo design
These tattoo designs can be divided into two broader types: the maiden and the glyph. Once you have decided on the design, it is easier to find a suitable tattoo. Following are some ideas.
The Maiden
Virgo zodiac horoscope sign
The maiden can either be drawn using different color combination or one can simply have a silhouette in black or darker colors. The maiden can also be drawn in different postures like sleeping, dreaming, smiling, thinking, sitting coyly, etc. Secondly, she can be inscribed in various forms like the ancient Greek woman, Arabic woman, a princess, etc. Virgos are basically shy and hence, the symbol of the maiden is rarely portrayed as adventurous and daring. If you wish to have a smaller tattoo design, than you can simply have the head of the maiden drawn on your body. The placement of Virgo maiden tattoos depend on the size of the tattoo.
The Glyph
Virgo Zodiac Symbol
The glyph is a symbol related to the zodiac sign. Every sign has its own glyph. The glyph of Virgo looks similar to the alphabets 'M' and 'P' fused together. The glyph is one of the best designs to consider if you are interested in going for a smaller tattoo. The glyph can also be made in attractive colors or in the tribal form in black color. Secondly, one can include other designs like flowers, vines, stars, etc., in or around the glyph.
Virgo zodiac tattoos
Apart from these, you can ever combine both the aforementioned symbols to create a single Virgo tattoo. Other way, you can include some text or scripture along the tattoo. For e.g. you can simply write 'Virgo' or 'Jungfrau' (Virgo in German), etc., below the glyph or the maiden in different font styles. Also, the lucky colors for Virgo are green, cream, brown, blue, and hence, one can include these in the tattoo. You can try different combinations and use your creativity to come up with a unique tattoo design.
Lastly, it is recommended to put a lot of thought about one's culture, religion, job profile, etc., before going for a tattoo. If acceptable, then don't look back, but, simply choose any of these ideas and go for it. Good luck!