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Small Cross Tattoos for Girls

Rutuja Jathar Jan 25, 2019
Cross tattoos are very common these days, yet unique, and the best part is that, they flow with the trend.
Cross tattoos are supposedly one of the hottest and most flexible tattoo designs. They are the ultimate form of symbolism, when it comes to being distinct and unique. It is the symbol of the bright tradition of humanity and not only Christianity. 
Cross designs were also found in the ancient pagan era, as the supernatural power was denoted by cross-like designs during those times. It is also a symbol of ancient Greek, Egyptian, as well the Aztec culture.
Cross tattoos are very versatile and they can really be a personal form of expression, as they come in such a large variety of designs and styles. They are supposedly a 'safe' design ― a design that will not create any drama as cross is a socially accepted symbol, and yet they are unique.
Celtic tattoos also have a huge variety when it comes to cross tattoos. Previously, cross tattoos were supposedly only for men, but they are also hugely popular amongst the young girls these days. They are very trendy, versatile, and feminine at the same time.

The Types

It is generally observed that, the small cross tattoos are the first choice of the people who want to get tattooed for the first time in their life. 
The reason behind this is also simple ― they can be simple at times, along with being distinct and can suit almost any part of the body. Selecting it can reduce the element of shock to a pleasant surprise. There are relatively simple designs that are less painful, while there are complex ones as well, that give you a lot more variety.
There are many tattoo designs of Christian as well as non-Cristian designs that can attract an amateur. The Aztec cross, Gothic cross, Chinese cross, Greek cross, Burgundy cross all these small cross tattoos are pretty attractive and unique. 
Other popular designs are the Celtic cross, the Russian orthodox cross, crusader's cross, the cross of triumph, Saint James cross, Byzantine cross, the Latin cross, the Maltese cross, etc.
Small cross tattoos for girls are the ideal choice. They are small and so, they sound much more intuitive and can be feminine as well. If decided, they can be a great form of personal expression. 
Remember Drew Barrymore's cross tattoo covered with vines? It is merely an example, as there are many experiments that one can do to make it more distinct and personal. Try putting your initials or a simple wrap of ribbon around the small cross. It sounds distinct and unique at the same time. So, think creativity and find out a cool design for yourself.
Next factor is selecting the small cross and its placement. Do all the homework about the crosses and the exact small tattoo that you want. The word 'cross' holds different perceptions in the minds of different people, so it will be better if you convey 'your' side of the perception to the tattoo artist. This will make it more personal and satisfactory.
Next thing is the placement. Small crosses win the race yet again, this time due to their size. They are small and that is what makes them more convenient. One can get them anywhere on the body and also hide to perfection.
When it comes to finding a location for it, there are several body parts that get changed with the passing time. So, make sure you choose the place, where it can be timeless and as beautiful as a new one!
There are many places that can be 'cross tattooed' though, like armband, wrist, ankles, hip, and lower back as well. Always keep in mind that the tattoo is after all the ultimate expression of your faith and personality.