Lion Tattoos for Women

If you have been looking for a different body art design, something that is unique, then lion tattoos will be the perfect for you. This article will give you a detailed account of lion tattoos for women.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
While considering to get inked, most women opt for subtle designs. However, this trend is fast changing as more and more women are choosing the bold and beautiful lion designs. There are several reasons for the rise in popularity of this design among women. One of the reason is that these majestic animals have been a part of the religion, mythology, and art of various cultures. However, the main reason for this graceful animal to have become popular with women is that there are a variety of designs to choose from, each one loaded with various meanings.
You can choose a lion body art design according to your taste and preferences. Your body art can be a big one or a small one. While there are many people who like to have the whole lion on their body, there are others who think that just the face of this animal looks grand and magnificent. One among the many designs is the picture of a lion with its habitat in the background. You can have a large, full-bodied lion tattoo with a lush Savannah or jungle in its background. Apart from this, you also have the option to go for a design that is colorful (where all its facial features are highlighted with the help of different colors) or that which has a monotone. Here are some lion body art designs for girls that have become a craze in the recent times.
Leo, the Astrological Sign:
Leo zodiac tattoo design
Girls who are born under this astrological sign, i.e., between July 23 and August 22, prefer to have a lion inked on their body, as it represents the qualities that are attributed to their zodiac sign. This animal represents the Sun and is said to have its exact characteristics. People born under the Leo sign are said to be strong, fearless, and willful.
Religious Lion Tattoos:
Lion Face
These body art designs are also quite popular amongst women. The religious manifestation of the lion can be seen in the Bible's Book of Genesis, where it is referred to as the Lion of Judah. This is a full-bodied lion design, wearing a crown and holding a flag. In Christianity, the Lion of Judah represents Jesus Christ; whereas in Ethiopia, it is believed to be the symbol of the Emperor of Ethiopia.
Lion Portraits:
Profile Of A Lion
Lion portrait tattoos are also a wonderful idea for girls. This is a design where only the face of the Lord of the Jungle is shown with its thick mane, fierce eyes, and sharp teeth. Here, the focus is on the expression of the lion, which denotes several meanings. A lion with a calm and peaceful expression on its face represents confidence, authority, and strength. On the other hand, a roaring lion denotes power and the need to prove one's point. There are also portraits where the lion stands with a much gentler animal, like a sheep. This design means that the person wishes to experience peace. Fighting lions are also another type of portrait where they are shown to be fighting with larger animals. This tattoo represents that the person is inclined towards fighting for something she truly believes in.
Lion Cubs:
It has been observed that the majority of women prefer the adorable lion cubs as body art designs. Lion cubs have spots on their body, and are very playful as well as cheerful. One of the most popular lion cub design is that of Simba, the character from the animated movie The Lion King.
Lion with crown tattoo
The lion is called the King of the Jungle. The lion body art has all the attributes that are necessary for a king, which include determination, power, authority, courage, strength, and protection. People also opt for this design because it represents loyalty, integrity, honesty, bravery, nobility, and purity. As this animal symbolizes the Sun, this tattoo also denotes life, dominion, brilliance, expansion, and vitality. Though in certain cultures and religions the lion is symbolic of the supreme power, African fables show this animal as an arrogant and egoistic creature.
Lion body art is commonly made on the arms, shoulders, or on the back of the neck. However, these tattoos also look good on the thighs, legs, and back as well. Before you choose a design, make sure that it completely represents your attitude and personality. Also, make sure you go only to a professional and experienced tattoo artist who can do justice to the wonderful design that you have chosen for yourself.