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Aquarius Tattoo Designs That are Sure to Enchant You

Aquarius Tattoo Designs
Think it is difficult to find a tattoo design as unique and different as your sun sign? Well, it isn't. Here are the latest and the best tattoo designs that complement the Aquarian traits.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
The sun, moon and stars have been objects of fascination for mankind for time immemorial. That is where the idea of the zodiac came into being. How our lives and actions are all influenced by celestial bodies has been a subject of research for a very long time. At the same time, there is the idea of romanticism and magnetism attached to it. Hence, it is not a wonder that zodiac tattoos have become popular all over the world. Aquarius, also known as the water carrier, is the eleventh zodiac sign, and is an air sign, along with Libra and Gemini. People born between the 21st of January and 19th of February fall under this sun sign.
Known for their creativity and individualism, Aquarians are undoubtedly the most intellectual beings of all the zodiac signs. Individualism is a quality they all possess. Everything they do has to be unique, interesting, and complementary to the lifestyle they follow. They are the ones known to stand out in a crowd. So the love for tattoos comes naturally to them. And just like them, their tattoos have to be different and unique too. An Aquarian will always choose something that will make heads turn. More than often, they even come up with something on their own, but here are some ideas for you to play with and add your creativity to.
Water Bearer
illustration of aquarius girl
The Aquarius sun sign is represented by a water bearer, and many people utilize this image for their tattoo. Men can choose a strong young man spilling water from a jug over his shoulder. A delicate pin-up girl bathing in the ocean and scooping water into her long tresses is a good option for women. This tattoo is for the naughty ones, and looks best when done in color.
A fairy-like creature standing in a dark pond, ladling up stars from the reflection in the water, or a dragon water bearer also make good tattoo designs. It symbolizes the pouring of new and innovative ideas onto the earth from the urn in order to wash away the old ones. This tattoo looks great on the shoulder and the back. Women can choose to get it done on their belly too.
My personal favorite would be a winged, delicately beautiful water bearer, with her long tresses being blown away by the wind.
"I Know"
a stylish neck tattoo
The water falling from the water bearer's urn represents wisdom, which flows freely for the benefit of everyone. Like I mentioned before, these people are born intellectuals. They are curious beings who want to know anything and everything. "I Know" is the key phrase of this sun sign, and is very apt I must say. Talk to them about anything and they will have the knowledge of it.
Aquarians are always ready to share their ideas and opinions. And even if they don't know about something, they'll be more than happy to listen. They are known to be efficient communicators, conversations with whom are always interesting. The creative Aquarius might like tattooing this phrase in fonts like Anglo text, tattoo script, windsong, or in feathergraphy. Getting this tattoo on your neck or on either sides of the back would be a great idea.
sketch of an orchid
Orchid is the flower of the Aquarius sun sign. Not only is it a beautiful tattoo design, it also signifies love and wisdom. In the Chinese culture, the orchid flower represents a perfect man. Whereas, the feminine meanings related to this flower are beauty and charm. In the Asian culture, it symbolizes something that is rare and unique, thereby making it the perfect tattoo design for Aquarians.
The orchid comes in different varieties and colors. So when it comes to getting an orchid tattooed, you have myriad of options. If you are not a big fan of orchids though, you can consider getting hyacinth, snowdrop or peach blossoms, since even they are said to bring good luck to a person falling under this sun sign.
illustration of a dolphin
A Dolphin symbolizes two of most prominent traits of an Aquarian - intelligence and friendliness. Due to its playful and sociable nature, any Aquarian might find it very easy to relate to a dolphin. When done correctly, these tattoos make great eye-catchers. A dolphin is said to have the power to wash away the problems that a person has faced in his past, enabling him to make a fresh start.
Dolphins are also a symbol of prosperity and guidance. Their playfulness also represents an independent lifestyle that every Aquarian longs for. Dolphin tattoos look great on the lower back, ankles, and the nape. You can combine this tattoo with waves or tribal designs. You can even get a tattoo with two dolphins, either facing each other or in opposite directions.
Broken Chain
freedom symbolized by a broken chain
Freedom means everything to an Aquarian. They absolutely hate to live their life according to others. When it comes to an Aquarian, it's all about individualism and independence. A broken chain can thus make an excellent tattoo for an Aquarian. It gives a sense of being absolutely free, a person who is not bound by anything or anyone, one who will make his own rules and live life his way.
Broken chain tattoos are also done by people who have faced a lot of challenges in their lives and have overcome them. This tattoo also symbolizes sacrifice. Some people get tattoos of unbroken chains. This symbolizes that the person is still suffering from slavery and is fighting for freedom. These tattoos look best when done in black, on the wrist or the ankles. Men can also choose to get it done on their torso.
various wing tattoo designs
Feather tattoos are highly popular because of the various colors and shapes they can be designed in. Feather tattoos represent the power of wind. Since Aquarius is an air sign, they can get a feather tattoo to represent their element. In earlier times, eagle feathers were given to warriors as a symbol of courage and bravery.
Though single feathers are a popular tattoo choice, you can even go ahead for two or three. Combining them with birds or quotes is another good idea. You can choose a peacock feather, eagle feather, tender or a big feather, according to your likes. A feather with water drops on it makes a beautiful tattoo design too.
released dove
Needless to say, the dove is yet another symbol of independence. It is also a common symbol of love. You can get a tattoo of a dove in flight to symbolize freedom. Having been associated with peace since ancient times, this bird is also believed to be a good spirit which brings prosperity and harmony into your life.
The Star
guy with multiple facial piercings and tattoos
"The Star" is the tarot card of the Aquarius sun sign. It is Rider-Waite-Smith star card and has the number seventeen. It depicts a naked woman (The Daughter of Firmament) as a water bearer. Not only that, star tattoos also symbolize goals, ambitions, and enlightenment, making it an ideal tattoo for this intellectual sun sign.
Among the popular designs for star tattoos are a shooting star, nautical star, and a star of David. You can combine these with a moon or butterflies. A water bearer surrounded with a cluster of stars will also make a great tattoo design for you. Women can get this tattoo on their waist, back, ankles, wrists, or even on the fingers. As for men, they can get it done on the arm, neck or chest.
true love finger tattoos
Apart from symbol and water-bearer tattoos, Aquarians can also go for quotes or sayings that they firmly believe in. Being a fixed sign, people belonging to it are known to stick to something till the end, and find it very hard to change their opinions. They are vocal about their opinions, be it social, political or environmental. They will always stand up for something that they truly believe in. Since freedom is of utmost importance to them, a quote on freedom will best suit an Aquarian.
Some quotes you can choose to get inked, depending on your qualities, are

• To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.
• All good things are wild and free.
• Break the rules, find your freedom, live your life.
• Be yourself!
• Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.
handshake with tattoos
Honest and open by nature, Aquarians are most popular for their friendliness. Not only are they good at making friends, they also go out of their way to maintain their friendships. Their friends mean the world to them. They never judge someone depending on their race, religion, financial status, gender or sexual orientation, and hence, have friends from all walks of life.
A friendship tattoo will thus be perfect for any Aquarian. An incomplete picture or a quote, or a matching tattoo, are great tattoo ideas for friend tattoos. Getting each other's names or portraits tattooed can also be considered. You can even go in for something that you both share a liking for, for example, an activity or a source of inspiration.
aquarius glyph symbol
The Aquarius glyph symbol, which consists of two jagged lines that appear like waves in water, is also used as a tattoo design. However, most Aquarians do not use this symbol, and they instead opt to make the waves more realistic. The waves can be made similar to the old Japanese woodblock oceans.
Along with the horizontal waves, water droplets can also be considered for tattooing. To make the design more impressive and unique, a water lily or orchid flowers can also be tattooed along with the glyph. Aquarius tattoos with stars and glyph also make for a great tattoo design.
illustration of a mermaid
A mermaid is another popular tattoo design for Aquarians. Since mermaids live in the water, they can easily be made to suit Aquarius tattoo designs. They can be depicted as mermaids perched above or below the symbol of waves. Although a mythical creature, mermaids have various meanings attached to them.

In Greek culture, mermaids are associated with Aphrodite, who was considered to be the Goddess of Love and Fertility. They are even said to symbolize female sexuality.
They can be further combined with stars, flowers, and waves. As in case of men, they can substitute the mermaid with a merman instead.
illustration of a water bearing jar
After the mermaid, the water bearer's urn is a very commonly used tattoo design for Aquarians. Pouring water from an urn is considered as a traditional symbol of this sun sign. As we have already seen above, it symbolizes the flow of knowledge. If you are creative enough, you can make pretty designs with this piece of art.
An urn tattoo can also be used to honor your mother. It will become a portrait tattoo in such a case, where you depict your mother pouring the water urn to represent the life that she has given you. You can design the urn in different shapes and sizes, or even make beautiful designs on them. You can combine this design with an eagle or a dragon, and in case of girls, you can go in for flowers or delicate tribal designs.
guy sporting a tribal back tattoo
Tribal tattoos are the most popular designs nowadays. Aquarians can easily combine these designs with the elements relevant to their sun sign. An orchid flower can be drawn along the lines of tribal tattoos. The other option is to show only waves, but drawn as a tribal tattoo design using dark green or black ink.
Not only the designs but the tribal font looks beautiful too. As mentioned above, you can get a quote tattooed in tribal font. They can be made to look both masculine or feminine, depending on the thickness and color of the design. The intertwining knot work looks extremely beautiful, and is said to represent the eternal cycle of life. These tattoos look great on the arms, back, and even on the thighs.
So there you have it, the best tattoo designs for the Aquarius sun sign. Since turquoise and electric blue are lucky colors for Aquarians, you can consider them if you are planning to get a colored tattoo done for yourself. Being a creative personality yourself, there's not much that I have to tell you. Thanks to your in-born traits, you will be able to come up with a unique tattoo design for yourself. And not being the people who decide on something on an impulse, I am sure you will give your tattoo design a lot of thought and consideration before settling down for one. Oh boy, I talk too much, don't I? Well, I am an Aquarian too after all.
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