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Libra Tattoos for Girls That Highlight Their True Charm

Libra Tattoos for Girls
Every zodiac sign has a symbol of its own that represents the characteristics of individuals born under the sign. But when it comes to Libra tattoos, the sign symbol, scales, is usually the most favored design. However, there are many other variations and designs to choose from.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Sign Of The Zodiac
The popularity of zodiac tattoos is due to many reasons. Firstly, they are always in vogue. Secondly, a person's thoughts and beliefs, etc., may change over the years, but, the zodiac sign always remains the same, until the end. Hence, the tattoo is timeless. So, if you believe in the fascinating science astrology and wish to flaunt your zodiac sign, then you can go for the zodiac tattoo. Those born in between September 24th to October 23rd belong to the sun sign Libra. Here are some tattoo design options for girls born under Libra sign.
Tattoo Designs
The Scales
The scales of justice is a symbol of balance and harmony in life. A singular design of the scales, drawn in its actual form and pattern, can make a simple and cute Libra tattoo. If not a block design, you can go for the silhouette of the scales. If you wish to have a larger tattoo design, then you can inscribe a man or an angel holding the scales. For e.g., tattooing Themis, the Goddess of Justice, holding the scales will portray your sun sign, and also your love for mythology and art.
Stylised scales illustration
Justice scales silhouette - balanced. Isolated on white
Hand drawn pattern for coloring book zodiac Libra.
vLibra zodiac sign
The Glyph
Similar to the symbol, every zodiac sign also has a glyph of its own. The glyph of Libra is like an 'equal to' sign, and stands for balance or equilibrium. Glyph tattoos are usually made by people who wish to have a small and less elaborate tattoo. Women can include other graceful designs like flowers, vines, etc., around the glyph to create an artistic tattoo. As a glyph is small in size, it can be made on the wrist, on the neck, ankle, etc.
Black and White Illustration of Libra zodiac sign
Libra Constellation doodle
Today, along with symbols and designs, people also favor texts as tattoos. You can have text like 'LIBRA' or 'Proud Libra', or 'Libra: Fair, Sociable, and Romantic', etc., inscribed with or without the sign symbol. You can come up with your own preferred text, and style it using any of the font styles available. With numerous options, you are sure to find one that you love.
Libra Zodiac
Libra Zodiac Sign
Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Libra women are charming, social, easygoing, and quite diplomatic. They are very romantic, have a great sense of art, beauty, and justice. Their zodiac symbol, scales, symbolizes a lot about the Libran nature. As the scales dip back and forth in order to balance the right, Libra individuals keep on changing their thoughts, and hence, are often termed as indecisive. However, they are peace loving and achieve the perfect balance in their life, after much deliberation.
With so many ideas and options, you will surely find a suitable tattoo design. But, if you are still confused and are not able to choose a single design, you can have all the three designs combined artistically to form a creative and unique Libra tattoo. Good luck!